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Why This Sydney Mum Quit Work To Travel The World With Her Daughter

mum travels with daughter

After more than a year on the road with her young daughter, Sydney mum Evie Farrell says she’s still loving every minute of their thrill-ride together.

Originally intended as a 12-month escape to honour the memory of a dear friend who died from cancer, Evie, 43, says she and Emmie have a lot more adventures ahead yet.

This week Evie and Emmie were in Cambodia at an elephant sanctuary and plan on being away for at least another six months.

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It's 4.30am and very soon we will jump into a minivan and drive six hours to Mondolkiri and the Elephant Valley Project. Tomorrow we will be out trekking through the jungle and hanging with beautiful eles – just watching them as they roam around free and happy. It's going to be heaven 💕🐘💕 💙 We probably won't have any wifi for the next five days! I'm happy for the break but will miss our gasbagging – we will be back on Friday afternoon when we get to Ho Chi Minh and a bit of luxe at the @sofitelsaigonplaza Lucky us! Whoop! 🎉 💕 Thanks everyone who filled in our little survey. The link is still up in our profile if any anyone else wants to do it. 💙 Have an awesome five days! See you soon ✨💫⭐️ xoxoxo . . . . . . . . #elephants #pleasedontrideelephants #loveelephants #elephantlove #dontrideelephants #evpcambodia #chinagmai #elephantsjungkesanctuary #explorerkids #elephant #traveldiaries #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #familyjaunts #traveltheworld #familytrip #familytravel #hwt50th #travelkids #travellingwithkids #familytravel

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“This year has flown by, we’re not ready to come home yet,” Evie told the Daily Mail recently.

“Emmie will go to school for a few months while I work and try to earn some money to keep us going.

“My [$30,000] savings have all but gone, but we’re lucky as we still have rent coming in from our home in Australia, so that’s keeping our heads just above water.”

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I have a confession to make. I've been less than vigilant with a certain plantar wart situation on Emmie's foot…out of sight out of mind and all that…and it's turned into the Shrek of all plantar warts. This thing is huge, and black and ugly and it wants all of Emmie's foot. 😱😱 I feel so bad. So I've got duct tape, I've put a call out for tea tree oil and I'm ready to go wth lime juice…all works apparently? I guess it's time for her annual fester, poor love had a fungus face for the first few weeks when we started our travels last year…oh I should take her to my bum electrocution tomorrow, I bet the Vietnamese Chinese doctor will have a solution 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The wart got a bit muddy yesterday running around the rice paddies – we finally made it out and about. There are so many over in Cam Thanh and cause I've been riding around on the bike looking for houses I've found lots of awesome spots with buffalo and people planting and tending rice. It's such a beautiful part of the world 🍃🌱🌾 Feel free to send your plantar wart elimination suggestions ✂️🔨🚑! Ready to try anything! 😂😳#wartlife . . . . . . . #vietnamese #vietnam #vietnamwithkids #ilovevietnam #hoian #hoianwithkids #vietnamtravel #travelvietnam #explorerkids #hoianvietnam #traveldiaries #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #familyjaunts #traveltheworld #familytrip #familytravel #hwt50th #travelkids #travellingwithkids #familytravel #wartproblem

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While stopping off at such exotic climes as Taiwan, Malaysian Borneo, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, London, Paris and China – where they spent Christmas and the New Year – Evie has been teaching her daughter via the NSW Distance Education primary school programme.

When time permits, Emmie has also been receiving formal education in a classroom, such as when the pair were in Hoi An.

“The challenges of being away on a trip like this are mostly the same as the ones we have at home – schoolwork, manners, bedtimes and eating meals – we just deal with them in incredible locations,” adds the mum-of-one.

“We’ve met other traveling families along the way and seeing Emmie have a great time with kids from all over the world helps me feel okay about her being away from her friends at home.

“She has made so many new friends and had wonderful experiences in all the countries we’ve been to.”

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Do you snorkel and if you have kids do they go with you? We started going to Lady Elliot Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef in Australia a few years ago. Emmie is fine with a snorkel but I've seen full face masks that look awesome and easy for kids to use if the mask and snorkel is a bit much for them. 🐢 If you're in Australia or planning a trip there then Lady Elliot is amazing for snorkelling in a lovely shallow lagoon with lots of friendly turtles. It's one of Emmie's favourite places – and last time we were there we snorkelled on the other side of the island in deep water with huge manta rays…so incredible. 🐠🐟 There are also small reef sharks and fish and so much marine life in the lagoon, turtles nest and hatchlings race for the ocean and there are so many birds! It's in the protected green zone and the resort operations have been developed to have minimal impact on the environment. Lots of young marine biology and conservation students and experts work there and are so great with kids – excellent role models who teach them about marine life and protecting the oceans. 💙💙💙 . . . . . . #gltlove #traveltime #traveltheworld #openmyworld #familyfun #escape #besttimes #funtimes #worldschooling #travelfam #travelwithkids #familytravel #famtravel #kidstravel #travelkids #holidayswithkids #takemethere #instagood #travelgram #travelbuddy #traveldiary #instapassport #mytravelgram #ouradventure #lpkids #travelmum #roamfree #traveltheworld #passionpassport #bestdestination

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After having so few possessions and the usual comforts for so long – she and her daughter have travelled the whole year with just one backpack – she doubts she’ll be able to return to ‘normal’ life.

“There’s more to life than sitting at a desk every day to earn money to buy stuff,” said Evie, who now has 63,700 followers on her mumpacktravel Instagram page.

“Hopefully our life will inspire more mums and dads to go on an adventure with their children.”

Written by James Graham

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