Top 5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask

Top 5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask

Pregnancy is without a doubt the most life-changing experience a woman will ever have, so don’t be nervous if you have 40,000 questions over the following 40 weeks! That’s why the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby phone line and website where set up – to help women navigate these exciting – and nerve wracking – unchartered waters. “Pregnancy, Birth and Baby supports parents on their journey from pregnancy through to preschool,” explains Dianne Zalitis, spokesperson and Clinical Lead for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. “It’s a free, national service consisting of a website and support line where maternal and child health nurses are available 7 days a week by telephone or video call.” To get you started, Dianne reveals the answers to some of the common questions the service receives from pregnant women…

Top 5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask
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  1. Can I eat that?

“Mums-to-be often give us a call or use our website to find out about which foods they should avoid when pregnant. It’s really important you know the facts and take extra care when you’re pregnant. Foods to avoid include things like soft cheeses, pate and liver products, raw, undercooked or cold cured meats, raw or partially cooked eggs, raw shellfish and unpasteurised milk. The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website has a full list of things to be aware of.”

  1. When am I due?

“The most popular page on our Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website at the moment is by far our Due Date Calculator. Pregnant women love to use the calculator to get an estimate of when their baby is due. It also displays a pregnancy timeline so you can find out about any check ups or tests you will need, learn about how your baby is developing and get other information to help you and the baby stay healthy as your pregnancy progresses.”

  1. I’ve had a miscarriage, who can I talk to?

“In addition to the maternal child health nurses we have available on the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby phone line, we also provide women with access to counsellors for emotional support. We get a lot of questions about miscarriage, for example the signs of miscarriage, what causes it, and will it affect your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Although miscarriage is quite common – an estimated one in five pregnancies end this way – it’s not something we talk about with our friends and family. A lot of women just want someone to talk to after they’ve experienced a miscarriage, and at Pregnancy, Birth and Baby we’re just a call away and ready to listen.”

  1. “Is it safe to take this medication?

“There are some medicines, including common painkillers, which have the potential to harm your baby’s health. Sometimes women just need reassurance about the types of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy, and we get a lot of these types of questions to our service. Most antibiotics, paracetamol, asthma medication and flu vaccinations are usually safe, but the best advice for pregnant women is to always check with you midwife, doctor, pharmacist or call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby before taking any medication.”

  1. Is it normal to be feeling like this?

“Pregnancy can mean the beginning of a whole new stage in a woman’s life, particularly if it’s your first pregnancy. We get a lot of calls from women in their first trimester about all the changes that pregnancy can bring. These might be more obvious ones, such as cravings, fatigue and nausea, but there are also many emotional changes during pregnancy too. Mixed emotions are a normal and necessary part of preparing to become a parent and it’s important that you look after yourself when you’re pregnant. Don’t wait before asking for help – if you’ve been feeling sad, down, worried or anxious, we encourage people to give us a call. One of our nurses or counsellors are on hand to have a chat about how you’re feeling and offer you support, guidance and reassurance.”

Call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436 or visit the website for more info’.

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