Do I Need To Burp My Baby After Every Feed? The Surprising Answer…

Do I Need To Burp My Baby After Every Feed? The Surprising Answer…

Lois Wattis

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It’s the only time in a person’s life when they can belch and receive a positive response from others. But should you burp your newborn after every feed? Midwife Lois Wattis has the answers…

Midwife and lactation consultant Lois Wattis has been asked every question imaginable by new parents, but there’s a few that crop up time fter time. In her new eBook and App, New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide For New Parents, Lois has compiled all those frequenty asked questions with easy to understand answers, to help parents navigate those testing first weeks with a newborn. It’s the baby manual we’ve all been waiting for. In this edited extract, Lois explains the how-tos of baby burping after feeds…

Do I need to burp my baby after every feed?

Many babies will have a burp to bring up during or after a full breastfeed or bottle feed.  Baby will begin to wriggle or squirm around during the feed when they have some wind making them uncomfortable. A burp can be helped along by sitting baby upright with a straight back, and can be gently rubbed or patted on the back while waiting for the wind to come up. Alternatively, baby can be placed upright over a parent’s shoulder, with the baby’s tummy held comfortably against the parent’s body, and gentle rubbing or patting will usually result in a burp coming up if it needs to.

Burping is not compulsory! If baby does not easily volunteer a burp or two, don’t worry – the wind will come out one way or another. Parents may think the baby MUST burp before resuming the feed and spend much time trying to get it to happen. If it is not worrying the baby, it doesn’t need to worry the parents if the baby doesn’t burp on cue. Some babies burp easily and a lot, others hardly ever – this is normal. Responding to baby’s cues to continue the feed is more important than getting a burp up.

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Burp Baby After Every Feed Lois Wattis

About Lois

Lois Wattis has been a Midwife for 15 years, a Registered Nurse for 18 years and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for 10 years.  Lois also practiced as an accredited Independently Practising Midwife (IPM) in Western Australia for five years. Lois currently works at Nambour General Hospital as a specialist Clinical Midwife Lactation Consultant as well as providing private Lactation Consultancy services via ‘Babymooon Home Visits’ on the Sunshine Coast Qld

Over the past decade Lois has provided education for midwives via Australian and international professional journals, and as a speaker at midwifery and parenting conferences around Australia. Lois’ contribution to midwifery education was acknowledged at the International Confederation of Midwives in 2005 when she was awarded a Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives.

Lois’ experience is broad, and her focus is now on supporting parents negotiating the steep learning curve as they care for their new baby. Lois’ book which includes 5 videos “New Baby 101 – A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents” is available from her website and her New Baby 101 App is available for smartphones via Google Play and iTunes Appstore.

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