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Yoga Baby! How To Teach Your Kids To Do Yoga And Be More Mindful

How Yoga, mindfullness and downward dog (chasing a cat!) can help your little one.

Leonie Percy is a Psychologist and kids’ yoga teacher. Here she shares some simple tips on how you can introduce your toddler to yoga and mindfulness in every-day situations.

Leonie says: “Children are born doing yoga. They can do downward dog with ease.Just start doing yoga with your children and they will join in. Try to bring a story into it so you talk about how you see a dog and then a monkey and then a tree. If you use imagination with children they will be there with you. If you tell them that you see a dinosaur, they’ll love it. “

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Get your children to join in with you when you do yoga

Coming up on the The Carousel you’ll be able to watch the full interview with Leonie as she speaks to our Parenting Editor Jacinta Tynan.

Written by Jacinta Tynan

Jacinta Tynan is a proud mother of two young boys. The former Sky Newsreader helps ease new mother’s lives by sharing the expert advice she receives along the way as she raises her own children.

Her segments are full of useful tips and advice about how to make the most of this motherhood journey.

Jacinta is also the author of Mother Zen (Harlequin) part memoir, part manifesto of modern motherhood about her attempts to be a more conscious and present parent.

She also publishes a website interviewing parenting experts and other parents about how to make motherhood easier.

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