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Disney Under The Stars Cast Their Favourites

And with Disney Under The Stars, that’s exactly what the kids will get! The enchanting musical journey features some of Australia’s best musical talent, including David Campbell, Harrison Craig, Lucy Durack and Ricki-Lee performing the most beloved Disney songs of all time in a magical outdoor show.

We spoke to the cast to find out their favourite songs, movies and characters so the kids can get excited before the show begins…

Disney Under The Stars Cast Their Favourites

Earliest Disney Memory

Ricki-Lee: “My earliest Disney memory would be when I was about six or seven, and I would put on shows for my entire family. I’d make them come and sit on a Sunday night on the couch and I’d perform all the songs from The Lion King, and probably from Aladdin as well. I would play every character and my poor little cousins just got to stand in the background and just be like trees while I played the girl part and boy part in every song, because that’s just the kind of girl I am!”

Harrison Craig: “My earliest Disney memory would probably be Tarzan when I was about five – I used to just watch that over and over again.”

David Campbell: “My earliest Disney memory was seeing the Jungle Book when I was a little kid. My mother took me as a little boy in Adelaide and I really loved that movie a lot.”

Lucy Durack:Mary Poppins, the film starring Julie Andrews, was my earliest Disney memory and is one of my absolute favourites.”

Disney Under The Stars Lucy Durack
Lucy Durack

Favourite Disney Film

Ricki-Lee: “My favourite Disney film would probably be the Lion King. It gets me every time, it’s so emotional, such a beautiful story.”

Harrison Craig:Hercules! It’s just such a great film and I have such clear memories of watching this incredible person take on the world in the film. I was so in awe the whole time, I just loved it.”

Lucy Durack: “My favourite Disney film is now Frozen. I love that film. I think it is so special to have a film about two sisters and their friendship and the songs are amazing.”

David Campbell: “There are just so many to choose from and I’m old so I remember most of them. I think though, having a young son, having Leo, we watched Toy Story a lot. Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 – don’t even go there, it’s too overwhelming! Watching all these movies through his eyes is the best thing. The relationship between Buzz and Woody is just so fantastic.”

Disney Under The Stars rick Lee

Favourite Disney Song

Ricki-Lee: “My favourite Disney song is definitely A Whole New World from Aladdin. I have sung that song millions and millions of times. I love it so much.”

Harrison Craig:You’ll Be in My Heart from Tarzan is my all-time favourite song from Disney. It’s just so beautiful and I have clear memories of hearing and watching it and feeling so into it – it’s just so raw and so beautiful. How can you not start crying? It’s just so beautiful I just love it.”

Lucy Durack: “My favourite Disney song at the moment is Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. When it was my birthday my husband asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted him to learn the male harmony part to Love Is An Open Door and to sing it with me to our daughter Polly, and he did!”

David Campbell: “I have two, from Toy Story again! You’ve Got A Friend In Me because it’s Randy Newman’s music – it’s so great. I’ve sung it with my son since he was a little boy. But one of my all-time favourite songs – and this shows my age – is When You Wish Upon A Star because it’s one of the most timeless Disney songs ever.”

Disney Under The Stars David Campbell
David Campbell

Favourite Disney Character

Ricki-Lee: “My favourite Disney character? That’s the hardest question to ask a girl like me who’s obsessed with Disney! I love Simba from The Lion King. He’s cheeky, he’s fun, he’s curious and he’s a little bit naughty.”

Harrison Craig: “Definitely Hercules. I think he is just the man! He comes out and takes on the Gods and he wins and it’s all through love and compassion. It’s so beautiful, its everything that’s bright and it’s just amazing.”

Lucy Durack: “Cinderella! Mostly because I love that her mantra is always have the courage to be kind.”

David Campbell: “If I had to choose one I am going to say Woody, because he’s a great leader and he rallies everyone together and I kind of think that wherever I go, I try to be more of a Woody than anything else.”

Disney Under The Stars
Harrison Craig

ABOUT: Disney In Concert – Under the Stars will tour Sydney on February 22, 27 and 28 ‘On The Steps’ Opera House Forecourt; Melbourne on Saturday, 5 March at Sidney Myer Music Bowl; and Brisbane on Saturday, 12 March at The Riverstage. For tickets and concert information visit Ticketmaster or phone 136 100. Disney Under The Stars In Concert

Written by Franki Hobson

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