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Super Comfy & Sexy Pregnancy Support Wear


It may be cool to go from zero to 60kph in 15 seconds in a fancy coupe’, but for a preggie woman to up-size her weight as fast and furiously? Not so much fun.

Boobs that almost double overnight and unknowingly exposing your belly in high-riding t-shirts can cause serious wardrobe stress. Of course it’s all for a good cause – you’re growing a mini you in your belly! But now you can have the joy of a growing belly minus the angst, thanks to the new MUMASKIN support wear. Creator and CEO Hannah Millward designed this super new maternity and post-pregnancy support wear so you can max your existing wardrobe for longer, smooth your shape, avoid belly exposure and keep those boobs under control. Here’s the drill…

So, MUMASKIN, what is it?

“MUMASKIN is support wear designed specifically for pregnant women, which smooths the curves and allows you to wear more fitted clothing to show off your new body shape. This support hugs your bump and makes you feel more protected by preventing exposure (like your belly popping out from under t-shirts or low riding jeans, to name a few!). It is not a slimming product though.


Why did you design MUMASKIN?

“I was 26 when I fell pregnant with my son, Duke, now 5. I was so excited that I wanted to
flaunt my new, blooming figure but by the third trimester my body had gone
through all of the typical changes – my bump appeared, hips opened, experienced water retention and my boobs were ginormous! I had gone from a size 12D to 14F – and that’s before the milk arrived! I was closer to a size H when I was engorged. I gained 28kg during my first pregnancy and 21kg during my second pregnancy with daughter Zsa Zsa, at age 28.

I desperately wanted my firmness back. I really would have welcomed some extra support
and protection. Any figure hugging clothes were dreadfully unflattering and
not only showed my bump but also my ‘VPL’ (visible panty line!). That’s why
I designed MUMASKIN, to act as a second skin – a garment that combines aesthetics with comfort. Who doesn’t want to feel and look amazing during their pregnancy?”

Who can wear MUMASKIN?

“Anyone pregnant size 8-18. MUMASKIN is great from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end! The garment is made with two-way stretch – super stretchy for the bump to grow out, but less stretchy width way, to compress the sides, hips, bum and thigh. It can also be worn as a post-pregnancy garment (only after a caesarean) for comfort and support.

Are there any medical benefits?

“Yes, MUMASKIN relieves pressure and provides back and belly support, improves circulation and reduces swollen ankles. It’s lightweight, super-soft and non-itchy – similar to skins worn in sport – and includes the medical benefits of a compression garment, but it’s comfortable and easy to wear or sleep in.”

What about practical benefits?

“There are loads! MUMASKIN…
… creates a perfect silhouette
… is knee-length to avoid thigh bulge
… perfect for wearing under skinny jeans, tights, gym pants and body-cons
… high waisted, which avoids back bulge
… eliminates a VPL (visible pantie line)
… is super stretchy
… made from comfortable, non-itch fabric
… machine washable

Black or nude? What do you suggest?

“Depending on your wardrobe colour palette, nude is great for under whites and light clothing, matching your skin tone. Black can be used as a layer (like a belly band), still allowing you to wear your old tops that are now rising up from the new bump but instead of seeing skin, you see a black body suit underneath.”

Tell us about the open gusset for easy bathroom access …
“There is nothing on the market with an open gusset, but let’s face it, who wants to struggle taking off shape wear in a small cubicle, pregnant or not! A panty liner can easily be worn instead of underwear.”

Did you identify with any pregnant celebs during your pregnancies?

“I could really relate to Jessica Simpson when she gained so much weight during her pregnancy. She still looked gorgeous, but the weight gain was insane. I blame mine on not having the energy to exercise and craving dairy all the time. I tried to do things differently the second time, but I was still constantly hungry!”

You were a fashion and swimsuit model before your pregnancies and launching MUMASKIN. What was that like?

“After having Duke and Zsa Zsa, I went on to model Plus-size clothing for a while as I was a size 14. Then, as the weight came off I was in no-man’s land (in the modelling world a size 12 or 10-12 is not small enough for fashion and not big enough for Plus-size modelling).”


“Me, modelling at age 24. In the skinny days. When I look at these photos I wish I was happier with my body back then, because I had nothing to worry about. I always felt like the ‘bigger one’ when modeling because of my natural curves. In hindsight, I was probably below my healthy weight range. This shot was taken by Photographer George Philippo.”


“At age 25 I was a healthy size 10 and modelling fashion and swimsuits. This shot was taken by Photographer Joachim Mai.”


“I was 25 weeks pregnant here. My girlfriend arranged the photo shoot as a baby shower gift for me. It was taken by Photographer Steve Coleman.”


“I was 35 weeks pregnant here – walking the runway for Hot Milk Maternity. I didn’t have cellulite or stretch marks, and even though I was big I still felt quite firm. I was working with a mix of Plus-size and fashion models, so that helped my confidence I think. The poor male model seemed more scared of my bump than anyone else! Brave? I was proud of my body and being pregnant. It was nice to show it off to the world. The attention I received was positive and people seemed compelled by me showing it all off. ”


“That’s me in the middle! I am 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter, Zsa Zsa (second pregnancy) and posing for Hotmilk Lingerie.”


“A photo taken from a Plus-size Berzelli Swimwear shoot, when I was size 14.”

profile-pictureMUMASKIN creator Hannah Millward is a mother of two and also founder and CEO of a pregnant model agency, Bump Models “Since founding Bump Models in 2007 I have had the amazing opportunity
to work with pregnant women on a daily basis. Having experienced two
pregnancies myself, I soon discovered that my body concerns were shared
by every other pregnant woman in the world. I couldn’t believe there was no
garment on the market addressing our joint desire to feel comfortable, sexy
and beautiful.

Written by Franki Hobson

Franki Hobson has worn many hats during her many years as a women's lifestyle journalist and editor. Her launching pad was COSMOPOLITAN magazine, where she moved from News & Entertainment Editor to Features Director, covering everything from the legalisation of the Morning After Pill to Gwen Stefani, fashion, beauty, sex, health, fitness, entertainment and relationships.

Franki Hobson is a contributing lifestyle writer for The Carousel.

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