Money Matters: Trauma Insurance – Statistically There’s A Good Chance You’ll Need It

Sarah Riegelhuth

Finance Expert


The bad news is: there’s a very good chance of you contracting a serious illness in your lifetime. BUT… luckily there’s good news too – medical advances mean survival rates are increasing, so there’s a high likelihood you’ll make it through!

However, money worries during your illness and recovery can take a toll on your health adding stress to the down-time so Finance Expert Sarah Riegelhuth always advises her clients to get trauma cover to help you through that period.

She can help you to figure out what sort of Trauma Cover you might need and how to put it in place. Listen to her recommendations in this short video.

‘Please note this content is of a general nature and should be used for informational and educational interest purposes only. Please seek professional advice, in relation to your own personal circumstances, before making any financial decisions.’

Has bad health ever caused you to take an extended period off work? How did you cope? Tell us in the comments below…