Need A Little Extra Income Now, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Money Matters. Sarah Reigelhuth

Many people start their own little business when they need extra income, but Finance Expert Sarah Reigelhuth warns “Usually you won’t be able to pay yourself if you’re putting all your money back into your company.”

However, that’s exactly what she did when kicking off her highly successful business for long-term gain. But how about if you need to increase your income right now? To find out the best way to boost your bank balance right away, check out this short video.

‘Please note this content is of a general nature and should be used for informational and educational interest purposes only. Please seek professional advice, in relation to your own personal circumstances, before making any financial decisions.’

Did Sarah’s tips help? What have been some other ways you’ve found to boost your income short term? Tell us in the comments below! 

Written by Sarah Riegelhuth

Co-founder of Gen Y financial advisory firm, Wealth Enhancers and the League of Extraordinary Women, Sarah is passionate about two things: following your dreams, and loving your money!
She is an award winning financial advisor and entrepreneur, featured in a variety of media including Kochie’s Business Builders, Women’s Agenda, Money Management, Channel 7's The Morning Show and Women’s Health magazine.

Sarah’s book, Get Rich Slow, was of the most popular Dymocks finance titles in 2013. She is the founder of the 8 Week Money Makeover, an online money management program designed to help everyday Australians wipe their debts and build wealth, one step at a time"
Contact: [email protected]

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