Your Money: Brenton’s Story – How To Save & Enjoy Yourself Simultaneously

Your Money: Brenton’s Story – How To Save & Enjoy Yourself Simultaneously

Sarah Riegelhuth

Finance Expert


The Carousel’s Finance Expert Sarah Riegelhuth hits the streets to find out how you’re managing your money…

Brenton Ford from Melbourne Victoria, Effortless Swimming, 26

What’s you worst money habit?

When it comes to food and coffee I don’t think about money at all, that’s for sure my downfall. Day to day travel to do the things I enjoy also doesn’t get a look in. I’ll spend whatever to get down the beach for a surf.

What’s your best habit then?

Automatic savings into an account I don’t touch. I’ve got 5 different accounts for all the things I’m saving for. I also feel bad spending from my ‘splurge’ account which is kind of a good thing, but that’s what it’s there for so I need to relax on myself a bit.

Biggest thing your parents taught?

Have more than one source of income. My Dad works full time, is also a swim coach, has a business and investments so it really showed me that having more than one source of income is a good thing and can reduce the risk in one of them doesn’t work out.

If you could talk to your younger self?

Do the automatic savings thing from when I first started earning, just do it as a percentage of income. And… save enough for those overseas trips so you don’t come back with nothing, or credit card debt!

My tips: Brenton seems to be pretty organised with his money and has some good structures in place for saving and reaching goals. This is exactly the stuff I love, and go on about all the time! If anything, he could probably just relax on himself with the things he does spend money on, basically if you have everything automated and ticking away then what’s left over should be yours to spend and enjoy.