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Game Changers: Melbourne Investment Gurus Share Stock Market Success Secrets

Game Changers: Basil Nuredini and Darren Stephens are Melbourne Investment Gurus

After a successful collaboration on hit book Less Risk, More Reward, Melbourne lawyer-turned author Basil Nuredini and publishing icon Darren Stephens always knew they wanted to work together again.

But this time they wanted to raise the bar on the lessons dished out in their hit self-help tome – and deliver a more direct path to wealth for their legions of disciples.

Pooling their collective talents – and a mutual love of investing – the answer came in the form of Trading Room Pro, a ground-breaking online tool to help stock market rookies grow their nest-eggs.

The stars of the third episode of Game Changers sat down with host Sarah Harris to explain more about how it all works.

“As an investor and someone who has done well with my businesses, I wanted to be able to trade on the stock market myself,” says Darren in the latest instalment of our hit video and podcast series about inspiring Australians.

“But I didn’t want to have to learn all the technical data, and the lingo, and spend the time doing that,” adds the marketing guru who helped put the international best-seller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus on the map.

Basil says he invented the easy and safe solution to take advantage of companies who are failing.

“So, we work by contrast to identify those companies which are going to be successful,” says Basil.

The investment gurus Basil Nuredini and Daren Stephens with Sarah Harris and Robyn Foyster
Investment gurus Basil Nuredini and Darren Stephens with TV presenter Sarah Harris and Publisher Robyn Foyster

“If you understand the maths behind it and position yourself so you’re in that risk-reward sweet spot, where the relationship is asymmetrical in a favourable way, then it’s not a gamble at all.”

Darren says they wanted to make Trading Room Pro so simple that the “everyday person” could use the software and literally within a few minutes be able to tell which stocks to invest in – and start making money.

Darren says the initial outlay for a software subscription equates to little more than a “coffee a day” with the subsequent stock market investment anywhere from $3000 to $10,000, depending on the user’s budget.

“The returns are quite extraordinary because we don’t take many backward steps,” says Basil.

The pair is so confident of the program’s success, that they’re also investing their own money.

They even have a transparent Trading Room Pro fund online so members can watch them trade in real-time and mimic what they’re doing.

“One of the keys to success is finding someone who is already getting the results that you want and modelling them,” believes Darren, who is also an expert in neuro-linguistic programming.

Adds Basil: “The only way we’d do that is if we were extremely confident of out-performing the market.”

Find out more about Trading Room Pro by clicking here:

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Sarah Harris is the presenter of Game She is also a mum of two, journalist and host of Network Ten’s show, Studio 10 and Shark Tank.
It takes a special mix of sass and smarts to wrangle co-hosts (and media heavyweights) Kerrie Anne Kennerley and Joe Hildebrand in front of a live studio audience every day. Sarah has both in spades; not least because she spent more than a decade on the road as a reporter, covering some of the biggest stories around the world.
Before moving to Network 10, she worked at Channel Nine as the network’s go to reporter: delivering extended live coverage from Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires, the Christchurch earthquake and Queensland’s devastating floods in 2011.


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