12/12: Australia’s Busiest Online Shopping Day 

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As a Savvy Shopaholic, online seller and mentor eBay Australia’s predictions that Monday December 12 (12/12) is set to be a record breaking shopping day is music to my ears!

Every month over eight million Aussie shoppers flock to eBay Australia. However, on 12/12 it is expected that over 2.7 million Aussies will complete their Christmas list with all of the fabulous goodies on offer by fabulous Aussie sellers.  It is projected that 11 gifts per second will be purchased on Monday the 12th.

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One of the interesting stats about this is that power shopping is expected to peak

  • between 8pm and 9pm for desktop users
  • between 9pm and 10pm for mobile visitors
  • during these 60 minutes approximately 39,600 gifts will sell

As my clients (who I mentor to make money online) know, I speak often about the growth of mobile phone shopping. eBay tell us that shopping via smart device has grown 11% year-on-year with 1.7 million of the 12/12 shoppers this year tipped to be using mobile phones.

Savvy shoppers like me shop in any spare moment; whilst commuting, waiting to pick up the kids and even from bed via their favourite device.


eBay’s detailed research indicates that Aussie shopping behaviour has changed. Last year our busiest online shopping day was a week earlier.

I believe this is due to the trust and confidence Aussie shoppers have in the professionalism of their favourite eBay seller. I know from the relationship I have with my customers and the customers my clients have nurtured, regular shoppers have confidence in the service of professional online sellers to deliver.

Where once they would have purchased weeks before Christmas, with some trepidation the gifts would be delivered on time, experience has built confidence.

Other contributing factors to the shift in shopping behaviour this year is also due to fabulous initiative by Woolworths and eBay with their ‘Click and Collect’ service where you can nominate shopping to be sent to your local Woollies for pick up.

Naturally, Woolworths at Christmas is open at a time that suits everyone to collect their parcels. Both the early bird shoppers and the last minute night owls. Traditionally, we were limited by the Australia Post hours at Christmas and queuing with all those buying stamps and paying bills.

I love the convenience of the extended hours to pick up my shopping at a supermarket where I will be visiting to pick up last minute pantry items anyway.

So what is anticipated to sell?

On eBay this Monday:

  • A Virtual Reality Head Set to sell every two minutes
  • A Star Wars related item to sell every 33 seconds
  • A bicycle to sell every five minutes
  • A pool inflatable to sell every 90 seconds
  • A smart watch to sell every 50 seconds
  • A GHD Hair care item to sell every eight minutes
  • An Apple product to sell every 55 seconds
  • A Pokémon item to sell every 16 seconds
  • A Pie Face game to sell every five minutes
  • Off-the-shoulder tops to sell every two minutes
  • Speak Out to sell every eight minutes
  • A jewellery item to sell every three seconds
  • A pet-related item to sell every 10 seconds
  • A toy to sell every four seconds
  • A health and beauty item to sell every three seconds

Savvy Shoppers get ready, get set, shop shop shop!!

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Written by Jo Munro

Jo Munro is best known as The Savvy Shopaholic with the tag line 'Shop More, Save More'.
She is The Carousel's resident shopping expert and a regular TV presenter on Ch9's Today Show and A Current Affair.
In Jo's book The Savvy Shopaholic, she shares over 20 years of savvy shopping expertise, business wisdom and channel management with those who want to turn their shopping skills into cash.
Much loved for her luxe for less shopping tips and wide-brimming smile, she's always keen to share her passion for shopping and savvy tips to get the most out of your dollar.

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