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Top 8 Design Trends To Make Your Home More Stylish In 2020

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Our homes are somewhat a representation of ourselves. This is why we tend to do a full-house clean before having guests over. We don’t want our homes to be messy because then guests would associate messiness with us; and that’s not good. The same is the case for how we choose to design our homes; what style we incorporate.

Here are eight top design trends from Houzz to spice up the style of your home and give you that extra inspiration.

1# The ‘un-kitchen’ kitchen

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Image credit: Minosa and Nicole

It’s like having a kitchen, but not really having one at the same time. Most of the time, a kitchen is a separate space to cook, outside the rest of the home’s decor. A trend right now is adding small furniture-like elements that reflect the rest of the home’s design. Or in other extreme cases, the kitchen has hidden completely when not in use.

2# The cheeky extras

kitchen, home, design
Image credit: McNally Architects

You check the floor plan, and lucky you, you have some extra space at the end of the kitchen plan. The question is no longer whether or not you want add a pantry or extend the bench space, instead we’re seeing people add study spaces, kitchenettes and banquettes.

3# The rise of curves and arches

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Image credit: Mia Mortenson and Houzz

Not everything in your home needs to be straight, abrupt and in line, in fact it’s said that elements of curve can add a softer, more feminine touch. The uses of circular windows, arches and curved walls can stretch the architectural boundaries and give a whole new look and feel to your home.

4# The reign of terrazzo

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Image credit: de.arch

Terrazzo, a material that can be poured into situ or pre-case and formed of chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass. It is usually used in bathroom, but you can now expect to see it in kitchen or elsewhere in homes.

5# Metal cladding

metal cladding, design
Image credit: Ewert Leaf

With another big trend being sustainability, homes are encapsulating this trend as much as they can with metal cladding. Say goodbye to rendered brickwork and timber slats and hello copper, zinc and steel. 

#6 Colour trends

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Image credit: Jours & Nuits and Houzz

Sure, your whites, greys and blacks are staples for any home; but expect to see a lot more beige, stone, soft eucalyptus greens and earthy browns.

7# The homewares made of biomaterials

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Image credit: Mikael Lundblad & Houzz

Not only are the common environmental concerns pushing people to change their lifestyles, but it’s also going to provide more innovative opportunities through the use of newly recycled and recyclable materials.

8# The primacy of wellbeing and biophilic materials

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Image credit: Nadja Endler and Houzz

The naturalised home design is one that becoming more and more frequent. Natural light, plant integration, wellness architecture, access to nature, water features and much more are going to be a big thing in 2020.

Which trend is your favourite? Let us know below in the comments.

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Written by Emeric Brard

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