Tips For Parents Travelling With Kids Over The Summer Break

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Toddler sleep regression learned during the summer break can last longer than your holiday tan. Katie Forsythe from Baby Sleep Company has complied a list of tips to help parents stay consistent over the holiday period.

– If you’re taking a port-a-cot with you on holidays it can be a good idea to have your child sleep in it (in their bedroom) for a few days before you leave. If the environment and bed are both new at your destination it will be harder for them to adjust.

– If you are travelling internationally make sure you visit your physician to check if any extra vaccinations are required (for both you and your baby). Babies put everything in their mouths so are at risk of picking up an unwelcome bug. Ensure you take some extra outerwear for your baby as the cabin air-conditioning is hard to alter and can be very cool which will mean your baby has trouble sleeping.

– Of all our senses, smell is our most primal – babies can smell long before they leave the womb. I would advise any parent to have a designated smell for their baby’s bed – that way you can take the smell with you wherever you are and the environment smells like home.

– If you are driving to a day trip destination, try to time it with regular nap time so your baby can catch a sleep in the car and been refreshed for your outing.

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Remember, just because you have a new addition to your family does not mean you should avoid holidays. Sure, a romantic weekend retreat to a vineyard isn’t quite the same as it used to be but with a bit of thought given to appropriate destinations and accommodation, holidays with babies can be a great bonding experience.

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