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The Block’s Michael And Carlene Duffy’s 5 Top Tips For Beginner Renovators

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As we find ourselves adjusting to the “new normal”, spending more time at home than ever before, now is the perfect time to tackle your home reno plans. First-time renovator? No problem – we have you covered with former The Block couple Michael & Carlene Duffy’s top 5 renovating tips:

#1 Research

This will give you the tools to know what can be tackled with or without expert help, and will also give you inspiration and ideas for what you’re looking to do.

#2 Live in the space first

This is the key to understanding what you really want to achieve, and conceiving the ultimate layout. Through living in the space first, you’ll gain an understanding of how you can best maximise the home’s natural light and ventilation and how you can achieve an easy flow from room to room.

#3 Plan a realistic budget

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Get those excel spreadsheets going and ensure to get prices and estimates first. Try speaking to those who have renovated before for advice on budgets as well and where they saved some cash during the process.

#4 Allocate budget to the exterior

An often-forgotten element, the front and backyard is key to an impactful design, and things like a fresh, lush lawn can significantly add to the value of a home. Make sure you include budget to spruce it up when you’re creating your estimates.

#5 DIY for easy design

Laying new turf to give your exterior a face-lift, painting and demolition are just a few ways to save some money for renovators, they also make a huge difference to the look and feel of a property at an affordable cost.

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