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Innovative New App the Ultimate Home Renovator Companion

Keeping track of time, budget and trades will no longer be the Achilles heel of home renovators with the release of a new Innovative App.

Rapid Reno Mate, created by Renovation Expert Naomi Findlay, is designed to make home renovating a breeze, monitoring your budget, your trades and much more.

Aimed to prevent you from common pitfalls when taking on a renovation, it helps you plan your projects, develop and track your budget, manage your trades and work site, select your products and find the nearest supplier.

“It gives renovators everything they need in their hand from start to finish to keep them on time, on budget with quality products and quality suppliers,” said Naomi, who has done over 110 renos herself.

“I wanted to create a simple solution to help renovators at any stage of their journey.

Rapid Reno Mate
Rapid Reno Mate App

“I have been teaching people all around the country, but as much as I’d love to, it’s impossible for me to reach every single renovator. I was really passionate about being able to access and help renovators, no matter where they are, which is why we built the app. This way, they have my expertise in the palm of their hands.”

“Plus, it gives you access to exclusive member offers as well as plenty of inspiration for your project and DIY tips.”

Rapid Reno Mate 2

“It also allows you to know how much the whole renovation is going to cost. You can add in products, trades and anything else you’ve locked in. You can then track your budget live either numerically or graphically all the way through to completion.”


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