How To Master The Hollywood Regency Trend

How To Master The Hollywood Regency Trend


Hollywood Regency is all about recreating the glamorous looks that were so prominent on the movie sets of the 1930s.

It crosses over into several genres from Art Deco, Chinoiserie, Traditional and Modern.

Given that it was the backdrop for the Hollywood movies stars, the look is over the top glamorous, luxurious and brave. Key elements include upholstered furniture with deep button cushioning, chaises and feminine lines.

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Lots of shiny lacquered and mirrored surfaces with layers of texture with fabrics such as velvets and furs.

Mastering Hollywood Regency can be tricky, as you need to be a little brave to pull it off.

So, who better to guide you through than Bethany James-Best, below, founder of luxe e-boutique JAMES SAID.

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In her own words, here are her top five tips for getting the look spot on:

1. Palate

Hollywood Regency is known for its bold colours such as dramatic black and white, yellow, red and magenta but don’t overdo it. Start with a clean template, then limit the room to three colours. We like to choose one bold colour and then use various tones and textures all in the same colour.

2. Patterns

Geometric patterns, Chinoiserie, large stripes and over the top florals are a big part of the Hollywood Regency look. Too many bold patterns can make the room to look chaotic or cluttered so as with your colour limit it to three.

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3. Mix the old with the new

Hollywood Regency is about a nod to the past with a modern twist. For example, you can have a modern sofa but regency styled armchairs.

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4. Layer

Hollywood Regency is all about luxury and you do this by layering the look. Don’t be afraid to put a rug over carpet, wallpaper your walls, accessorise your coffee table and when it comes to lighting the bigger the better! But do all this by sticking to the same colours to avoid going over the top. Don’t be afraid to add different textures.

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5. Lacquered and mirrored finishes

Glossy lacquer and mirrored furniture is perfect for this era and instantly infused Hollywood Regency glamour into a room. Shiny surfaces and accessories are a key component to the Hollywood Regency style.