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Former Blockhead Carlene Duffy’s 2016 Styling Predictions

Blockhead Carlene Duffy's 2016 Styling Predictions

Carlene Duffy, dri.glo Ambassador, former Block and Reno Rumble contestant, and founder of design and construct business, Cedar & Suede, has made her name working across many inspired developments, both inside and outside the home, and she predicts that the coming year will see more innovation and more confident design choices. From playful colour tones to nature-inspired spaces and luxurious accessories, Carlene shares five trend predictions for the year ahead.

1. Playful Colour Tones 

Carlene has noticed an increase in the use of vibrant colour, shying away from the more muted hues that have been popular in recent years. Both designers and homeowners are becoming increasingly more confident with using a rich colour palette in their interiors. “We’re seeing colour being used in a multitude of combinations and when done right, even small pops of colour can completely transform a space,” says Duffy.

“The purples have made a big impression this year and the popularity of this regal tone will continue to grow, as people become more game to introduce in their homes. Rich berry tones paired with dusty pinks and mauve make for striking colour combinations. And of course, the faithful yellow and blues never seem to date”.

One simple way to introduce an on-trend colour scheme into your bathroom, without breaking the bank, is to hang or fold a beautiful set of bold coloured towels. “Good quality towels are important to me and if you can buy Australian Made, why wouldn’t you? My favourite at the moment are the soft Australian Towel Collection from dri.glo.”Blockhead Carlene Duffy's 2016 Styling Predictions

2. Natural Materials Are Eternally Stylish 

Natural materials never seem to date but, according to Duffy, they are becoming increasingly important to the success of interiors, both in residential and commercial spaces in 2016. Linen, cotton, brass, copper, timber and marble compounds are among the materials that are expected to make the biggest impressions in 2016.

Carlene explains that decorative pieces in natural minerals and textures are making a big impact, in all aspects of the home; we’re talking lighting, vases, bowls, furniture and art! It is the combination of unlikely materials together that create interest and character in a space. “I love juxtaposing raw timbers against shiny metallic, or even the perfect harmony of worn leather against luxurious velvet,” she says.

“Linen is more popular than ever and in 2016 we will continue to see this fabric coming through, particularly in throw cushions and bedspreads. On the floor, I always opt for timber and add warmth with rugs; I can’t go past a plush wool, or cowhide in high traffic areas as they are durable and wear well,” says Carlene.Blockhead Carlene Duffy's 2016 Styling Predictions

3. Nature Comes Inside

As our cities become denser and the Aussie backyard becomes smaller, we’re all yearning for a little bit of nature inside our homes.

Carlene says that there is a number of clever ways to add some greenery in the home. “Whether it’s a climbing ivy, a hanging cascading succulent, a quirky terrarium, a lush maidenhair, or even a huge living vertical wall, never have indoor plants been more important and, this year, there is no such thing as too many plants inside the home.” Carlene also explains that grouping plants together in different heights and scale creates another level of lushness and with such a variety of planters and plant stands available to consumers, it is easy to achieve an sophisticated jungle look in your home. Including plants in rooms with a lot of hard surfaces, such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, is the ideal way to soften the space and break up all the hard lines. This is because as living organisms, plants create a sense of life in any space – just be sure to talk to your local plant expert about the most suitable plants for your particular space.Blockhead Carlene Duffy's 2016 Styling Predictions

4. Florals Are Back

Remember the florals from the 80s? According to Carlene, they’ve made a comeback… but this a much cooler way this time around. Once associated with traditional design, floral and paisley prints paired with the clean lines of mid-century furniture or even a contemporary, minimalist Lucite chair is the ultimate way to create interesting and high-impact spaces.

Duffy advises, “Add some floral to your interior by simply throwing one or two floral cushions into your sofa cushion scheme or consider reupholstering your now dated armchair.

“You might opt for a floral bedspread or choose to introduce florals on your patio by covering your daybed. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match your florals. As long as you have the right ratio of large and small patterns and balance the look with some block colour, you’re on track for a successful space,” she adds.
Blockhead Carlene Duffy's 2016 Styling Predictions

5. Shine Bright! 

2016 is all about shining a light on your home, with a touch of metallic – think of it as jewellery for your interior! You can embrace the modern interpretation of this metallic trend simply by adding a striking, acid-wash metallic cowhide rug to your living room, or a brushed brass side table to your bedroom. To be honest, there really aren’t many accessories or decorative homewares that don’t work well in metallic tones. Duffy says, “What I love most about this trend is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune: You can pick up some stunning vases from your local department store at prices ranging from $30 to $500!Former Blockhead Carlene Duffy Shares Her 2016 Styling Predictions

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