Why Mondrian Is The New Inspiration For The Dulux 2015 Colour Award Winners

Why Mondrian Is The New Inspiration For The Dulux 2015 Colour Award Winners

Bold and inventive use of colour defines the winners of the 2015 Dulux Colour Awards. More important is the considered functionality of colour use on the winning projects.

This year, there is a distinct move away from the minimalist look to one where colour is used freely, but purposely, with abandon, to create a more modernist movement like a Mondrian painting. How will you apply this new way of using colour in your home? Don’t forget to make sure the paint you use is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The 2015 Dulux Colour Awards winners are…

1. Grand Prix Project

Project: Lexus Design Pavilion, VIC
Company name: Mim Design

A clear standout, this incredibly sophisticated fitout was a unanimous category winner. Rebalancing the harsh metallic of a Lexus car, the gentle palette helps visitors understand the softness within. The subtle ombre in Dulux Leek and Coral Atoll was used to great effect, providing a dimensional impact which flat colour alone couldn’t achieve. The sage green gives the illusion of a floating sea with the floral ceiling display a beautiful upside down ‘Monet’s Garden’. Truly angelic, the space would be lovely to enjoy a champagne trackside.


2. Multi Residential

Project: Polychrome, NSW
Company name: David Boyle Architect

A clever project which managed to juggle various elements and still present a wonderfully cohesive visual. It is reminiscent of a modernist painting and an interesting example that more is less. With red brick remaining in the space, the chosen palette of bright hues including Dulux Lilac Fluff, Hot Lips, High Blue, Vintage Green and many more, is a clever and playful decoy. The judges unanimously awarded this project for the creation of a fun and energetic facade.


3. Single Residential Exterior

Project: Anglesea House 4, VIC
Architect: Emma Mitchell

With an empathy to traditional design and a known difficult structure to work with, Emma Mitchell has created an emboldened space. The design introduces contemporary links through daring colour. Using bright Dulux tones – Succulent and Peppermint Bar – it is balanced by the dark grey Dulux Cave Man, producing a design that is playful but with great honesty and broad appeal.


4. Single Residential Interior

Project: The Courtyard House, NSW
Architect: Aileen Sage Architects

The Courtyard House is an innovative design. Rather than using colour to delineate between zones, it cleverly uses colour in a thought provoking manner, using different combinations to mark your journey through the house. The considered use of colours, not only in the bold and various pops used throughout but also in the neutrals, beautifully highlight and complete a bright and playful palette.


Are you going to apply this new way of using colour in your home? Tell us in the comments below…

Written by Emine Mehmet

Eminè is a Wellbeing Strategist at the forefront of The Healthy Building Movement, speaker, writer and teacher.

Known as the GO TO PERSON FOR WELLBEING, for over three years Eminè has applied her 20 plus years of knowledge and expertise of the built environment and people as a strategist in the wellbeing space.

Her intention is to support the construction industry in going beyond their work on buildings to positively impact the people that occupy a space.

Eminè has a unique ability to connect to people on a fundamental level through her activating presentations and teachings, enabling change and transformation.

'Wellbeing is the next step up from sustainability and It's not just about physical health. It’s more holistic then that, taking into consideration the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental wellbeing of a person.' says Eminè.


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