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Designer Lizzie Renkert’s Coffee Table Solutions: Decorating Ideas

Lizzie Renkert is the co-founder of We Are Kindred. Previously, Lizzie was editor of Madison magazine and was also a regular contributor of The Carousel. 

Here is a short video Lizzie filmed for The Carousel. Her tips to help you transform you living room by sprucing up your coffee table is still as valid today. 

As Lizzie says: “The coffee table is a central and significant part of the living room.  It should reflect your family’s lifestyle in the way it is represented. Get creative, don’t allow it to be a dumping ground for your papers.

“Coffee table books are not simply reading material. They are works of art and should be used to decorate and inspire. Stack them, colour co-ordinate them. The options are endless…”

We’d love to hear your ideas to improve your home on the links below.

Click here for more decorating ideas for your home!


Written by Lizzie Renkert

Lizzie Renkert is the Co-founder of We Are Kindred. Previously she was the Editor of Madison and former Deputy Editor of marie claire magazine. Lizzie Renkert knows how to spot a trend and turn it into an achievable and affordable look. Lizzie is also a contributor for The Carousel.

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