Buying A Mattress? 6 Things You Should Know

Buying A Mattress? 6 Things You Should Know

Do you suffer from restless sleeps and body aches, courtesy of an unsuitable mattress? Or maybe it’s your ‘tossing and turning all night’ partner that rocks your sleepy boat?

Say hello to – the leading expert in mattresses, born with the sole intention to help people sleep better. The Australian owned and operated business specialises in ultra-premium quality mattresses at 1/3 the price of traditional retail shops. So how do they create premium quality mattresses for a fraction of the cost? For a start, their online store doesn’t have shop overheads, but more importantly, they cut out the ‘middleman’ costs by sourcing the best quality materials themselves.

“The mattress industry is notoriously confusing with overwhelming choices and ridiculous mark-ups,” explains Jessica, Customer Experience Specialist at “To make matters worse, the return policy renders it impossible to return.” With that in mind, Ecosa have created the ‘100 nights home trial’, where customers can order directly from the website, receive the mattress at their front door, trial it for 100 days, and return it if it isn’t suitable.

“Traditional mattress shopping doesn’t make sense,” explains Jessica. “Spending several minutes on a mattress in a retail shop is certainly confusing and difficult to compare for the right mattress. The only way to tell is sleeping on it. Ecosa gives customer 100 nights and lets your body decide. We are confident that our customers will fall in love with Ecosa, but our rules are simple ‘if you don’t like it, we will take it back’. The used mattress will be donated to a charity.”

Here, Jessica shares her top tops to buy the right mattress for you…

1. Know What Makes A Great Mattress
Don’t panic – you don’t need a degree in Sleepology to determine what makes a great mattress. Ecosa have done the research for you! “Over the past years, we have studied making the perfect mattress that will improve human sleeping quality, and the secret is the perfect balance between the right materials,” says Jessica. “We use a three-layer foam construction – a combination of latex, gel memory foam and high-density foam.

“Our comfort layer is premium natural latex, which dynamically conforms to your body and supports the natural alignment of the spine. Once you spend a night on it you will wonder how you ever slept without one.

“The centre core is layered with high-density gel infused memory foam, cool and quiet. It supports shoulder and hip area without pushing against pressure points. Ecosa mattresses do not contain a spring system.

“An average person changes sleeping positions 12 times per night. Ecosa mattresses hugely eliminate partner sleep disturbances to help enhance a deeper and longer sleep. Our mattress bases are made with high-density foam for strength and resilience. It is a key factor to combine with the ultimate pressure relief and unrivalled comfort.”Buying A Mattress? 6 Things You Should Know

2. Look for Cool Factor
Ever melted into your body-contouring mattress? Don’t sweat it – choose a cool base. “Memory foam is well-known for extraordinary support and comfort,” explains Jessica. “However, normal memory foam mattresses sleep hot. Ecosa uses Gel Memory foam. It has all of the wonderful features like traditional memory foam, but the gel visco has a cooling effect that would achieve the desired temperature stabilisation.”

3. Choose Great Top Support
For a top night’s sleep, your mattress ‘top’ needs to be not too hard, not too soft, but just right. “The very top mattress layer uses continuously poured Dunlop latex with pincore holes,” explains Jessica. “After months of testing, we determined that uniting a 2cm layer of premium latex will give you the most breathable, supportive and consistent mattress.”Buying A Mattress? 6 Things You Should Know

4. Go For A Breathable & Resistance Cover
Those balmy summer nights sure can heat things up, so choose breathable, function fabrics. “Our covers are breathable, flexible and resilient,” says Jessica. “They are easy to remove for washing at 30°, made from 100% premium polyester and double knitted fabric.”

5. Look For A Warranty
There’s something very telling about brands that are so confident in their products that they will back it up with a warranty. Ecosa have a 10-year limited warranty on all mattresses, as well as their 100 nights home trial, so you can let your body decide.

6. Get Free Delivery
Have your mattress delivered free to your front door! “Our mattresses come compressed and delivered in a box with wheels,” says Jessica. “It’s easy to move around, fit in the tiny bedroom door and any elevator. We also offer Free Shipping Across Australia.”

6 Mattress Buying Tips
“Our new mattress arrives in this clever and compact box,” says Jessica.

For more information, visit Ecosa
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Written by Franki Hobson

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