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Autumn Homewares Trends

Auyumn Homewares Ztrends
Autumn Homewares Trends See Us Harking Back To Creature Comforts!

Autumn homewares trends have us excited! Cooler weather is just around the corner, and that’s the perfect excuse to make some cosy seasonal updates to your home. To get you in the decorating mood, we asked Selma Nada Rajah, Editor of Temple & Webster, to share the interior trends that she’s most excited about this autumn. 

Last year, we saw an acceleration in the ‘cottagecore’ movement. Influencers flaunted a nostalgic return to country life. Grandma-inspired skills such as embroidery, knitting, gardening and baking were the must-do activities during lockdown. This trickled into a revival of classic interior design with a romantic English countryside-style aesthetic, dubbed ‘grandmillennial’. Think: generous overstuffed curvy furniture that prioritises comfort over style; wallpaper and soft furnishings à la Laura Ashley; and heirloom or second-hand decor that you might expect to see in your grandparents’ homes.

This eclectic, but cosy and lived-in interior style, especially embraced by millennials – explaining the origin of the name – evokes those warm and fuzzy childhood memories. It brings the comfort and security that, let’s face it, we could all do with right now. While vaccines are being rolled out, this yearning for comfort isn’t going to die down anytime soon. 

The Grandmillenial Trend Harks Back To The Warmth And Comfort Of Our grandparent’s Era.

La Belle Vie

Autumn homewares trends see the vivid scenes and idyllic provincial life of southern France reaching us through furniture and decor inspired by its colours, forms and textures. We can we expect more vibrant reds and yellows, as well as organic undulating shapes that mimic the natural landscape.

We’ll see Provençale motifs and scenes from impressionist art by the likes of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso and Van Gogh. We’re already seeing with line art, sensual female forms and sunny citrus patterns.

This resurgence is also interestingly being enjoyed in the entertainment space. The wildly popular multi-sensory Van Gogh and Monet and Friends exhibitions suggest we’re all craving la belle vie in our lives.   

Autumn Homewares trends
We may Not be Able To Visit The South Of France, But We Can Bring A Slice Of it To Our Homes!

Modular Interiors

Lockdowns last year saw us making the most of our spaces, creating designated zones for individual activities such as working, learning, playing and relaxing. We became more savvy with furniture arrangement and maximising space, especially taking advantage of unused nooks.

The pandemic encouraged us to be smarter with zoning, storage and furniture choice. We explored multi-purpose or adaptable furniture that serves multiple functions. Think: a console table that doubles as a work desk, or a tall bookcase which acts both as storage and a partition.

Expect to see a continuation of zoning in Autumn homewares trends, with more healing and recreational zones such as home gyms, reading nooks, meditation spaces, coffee stations and other areas in which to find respite or be creative. 

Zoning Trends Are A Result Of The Pandemic And Have Seen Us make Smarter Use Of Our Space.
Raw And Natural

Autumn homewares trends have us embracing more cosy pieces, conducive to relaxation. We’ll be turning to the colours and textures inspired by the natural world. Expect to see grounding shades such as rich browns, soft terracottas and pebble greys, as well as calming sky blues and muted greens dominate.

Warmth and comfort will also be achieved with furniture and decor in raw and rustic materials such as linen, wool, rattan, leather, sisal and seagrass for a look that feels imperfect and casual.

For added comfort and a sense of depth, we’ll see more layered textures in spaces. Perhaps a smaller wool rug layered over a larger jute rug, or a plush pile of textured cushions on a sofa for a full enveloping look.

Raw And Natural Is A Strong Look For Autumn 2021

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