7 Highly Effective Habits Of Eco Lighting

7 Highly Effective Habits Of Eco Lighting

Eminè Mehmet

Wellness & Sustainability Editor


Lighting is an important feature of every home. The right lights can create mood, ambience and compliment your interior.

With so many types and designs to choose from, it’s easy to get lost.

Here’s why energy efficient and sustainable fittings should be top of your list when making your choice…

1. The technology is pretty impressive

LED globes are compact, have lower heat output, are more energy efficient and last longer than a standard halogen globe.


Noothera table lamp in Vapour by Eminè Mehmet made from abaca fibres and natural colours.

2. Reduce CO2 Emissions

Changing a single halogen globe for a compact fluorescent globe will keep half a ton of CO2 gasses out of the atmosphere over its lifetime.


Noothera floor lamp in Dust by Eminè Mehmet.

3. Save money

It’s no secret you save money on electricity when you switch to eco friendly globes.


Acacia wood pendants made from acacia wood, hand turned.

4. Save Time 

Longer lasting globes mean you don’t have to change them as often, taking up less of your time at home.


Paper Lamp Moth Gradient Mint by Snow Puppe.

5. They look great!

It’s now easier to find decorative light fittings that are environmentally friendly and look good in your home.


Paper Lamp Moth in Pink by Snow Puppe.

6. Feels good

It feels great knowing your doing something good for the planet and future generations.

7. It’s the IN thing

These days, you stand out more if you DON’T have eco friendly lighting.

Do you have eco friendly lighting in your home? Tell us below…