Going To A Job Interview: Sartorial Do’s And Don’ts

Going To A Job Interview: Sartorial Do’s And Don’ts


The social media generation can lack essential social skills for the real world and part of them are essential to know before going to a job interview.

We live in a time where face – to – face contact has been replaced with cyberspace presence and connecting with friends means disconnecting from reality.

Here are a few tips to know what to wear when you’re going to a job interview:

– Wear clothes that suit your body shape.

− Dress for the weather.

− Always look clean and tidy.

− Ensure items of clothing are clean and pressed.

− If provided, always adhere to the dress code.

− Dress for the job you want rather than the job you have.

− Take pride in your appearance, it conveys an air of self-respect.

− Aim to look professional rather than provocative in a professional setting.

− Ensure your shoes are polished and re-heel when necessary.

− Dress appropriately for your age.

− Avoid exposing your cleavage when wearing a miniskirt or dress. As a general rule, select one or the other. Think mystique not mistake.

− Never wear hosiery with open toe shoes. Hosiery is designed to give the appearance of perfect skin, so exposing your stocking covered toes would ruin the illusion.

This is an extract of the book #GIRLCODE –The Secret to Success in a Digital World By Michaela Launerts.

The Secret to Success in a Digital World By Michaela Launerts.