Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Brandon Evertz On How He Turned $500 Into $20 Million A Year!

Sarah Harris

Studio Ten Host


In 2012, visionary teen Brandon Evertz was a young man in a hurry.

With only a $500 investment in his pocket from his father, Brandon launched Big Review TV, a company that produces, licenses, and hosts quality business videos for the price of a daily cappuccino.

Today, Brandon’s brainchild is a publicly-listed, global behemoth, and its creator is the youngest founder of an ASX corporation, reveals Game Changers host Sarah Harris in this inspiring interview with Australia’s Young Gun.

Brandon, now 23, says he simply saw a gap in the market that he knew would be a complete Game Changer.

The company has developed a totally unique video marketing ecosystem that allows businesses and consumers access to high quality video reviews, online shows and consumer video content that they can share. It’s revolutionary, and it’s taking the world by storm.

Brandon tells Sarah that Big now operates in seven countries, has over 4,000 customers, and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate – 50% quarter-on- quarter and is turning over more than $20 million a year.


“It’s amazing to see something go from a simple concept to a multinational entity that’s still growing,” says Brandon.

Brandon believes a big part of his success to date is staying at least 12 months ahead of the rest of the market, and not being afraid to fail along the way.

“ My goal is for Big to be the number one driver of video content around the world in five years with one million businesses using our services,” he says.

“I want to remain a disruptor in video, and be the biggest hub in the world.”


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