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What Makes A Game Changer? The Answers Will Inspire You!

You may ask, what makes a Game Changer? Well, we put the question to a group of leading entrepreneurs to find out. Watch our video and be inspired by their comments. And, take your time to meet each of our Game Changers by clicking the links below and discover more about their inspiring stories…

Tory Archbold, Powerful Steps CEO

Tory Archbold
Tory Archbold, Founder of Poweful Steps

She is one of Australia’s most respected publicists, but that’s not the only string to Tory Archbold’s bow. She is a passionate brand builder who understands success and survival.  She built TORSTAR, a globally recognised communications agency on 3 core values – passion, integrity and delivery. Tory recently launched Powerful Steps – a platform designed to inspire, encourage and empower others through the different challenges they may face in life. 

Dionne Taylor, Story Match Founder

Dionne Taylor
Dionne Taylor: Founder of Story Match

Dionne Taylor began her remarkable entrepreneurial journey at age 23 and has earned her reputation as an innovator ever since – first as the founder of the successful Polkadot Communications and now, with the game-changing app Story Match which is set to disrupt the media landscape.

Garry Thomson, Uplifting Australia CEO

Garry Thomson
Garry Thomson, Founder of Uplifiting Australia

Garry Thomson is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring families having spent over 25 years in the family development sector from a grassroots perspective all the way to executive management in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. An international public speaker and author, Garry is responsible for leading and implementing Uplifting Australia’s vision for a new generation of inspired and emotionally together young men and women.

Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia

Andrew Davie
Andrew Davie, CEO, Qnary Australia

Andrew Davie is the CEO and Founding Partner of Qnary Australia. Qnary’s technology helps businesses and professionals increase their digital presence and grow their reputation within their industry – boosting the success of both.

Charlie Thompson And Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective co-founders

Charlie Thompson And Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective co-founders
Charlie Thompson And Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective co-founders

From Corporate Cogs to Eco-Entrepreneurs. The Clean Collective is a company with conscience; a retail platform bringing together information and solutions to creating a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle all in one spot. Charlie Thompson and Georgia Lawson and their team are on a zero-waste mission to create a toxin-and-plastic-free Earth. Check out their interview with Edwina Bartholomew and site,

Written by Presenter

Edwina Bartholomew is an Australian journalist and television presenter. The Sunrise presenter has covered everything from the Olympics to the Oscars. Now, as the host of Game Changers, she interviews inspirational people in business and entrepreneurs.

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