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Photo Essay Exclusive: I Found My Great Love On An African Adventure

Photography in Africa
A Massai warrior acts as a security guard for a beach side resort, Zanzibar.

It all started for me when I was quite young and I got a hold of my first camera.

I loved capturing little details of my life that would otherwise go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Overtime this interest only grew and after school I undertook a degree in film and television production and developed a particular interest in documentary style and telling the stories of real people.

After university, I couldn’t wait to take my camera further afield. I travelled the world, and visited many amazing places and these experiences pushed me in a new direction, aid work.

I returned to Australia and undertook further studies in social development. After graduating with my masters degree I worked on international aid projects for several years.

It wasn’t until I visited an aid project in Kenya that I dusted off my camera and shot a photo essay in neighbouring Tanzania that changed everything for me.

I rediscovered that joy I found in capturing the raw honest moments or a person or place and sharing it with others, expanding not only my view of the world but also those who encounter my images.

After my reunion with my camera I wanted nothing more than to focus on photography.

I love expanding not only my view of the world but also the view of those who encounter my images.

I have never been without my camera since.

About the author/photographer:

Rachel Kaye photographer

Rachel Kaye now lives in the Northern Rivers of NSW and spends her time documenting the beauty of this amazing region and the people who visit it. You can visit her on Instagram, @rachelkayephoto.

Written by TheCarousel

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