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Hollywood’s Next Big Thing: Jeannine Kaspar Talks Exclusively To The Carousel

She first caught Robert Downey Jnr’s eye in Iron Man as a flirtatious flight attendant, and more recently starred alongside Oscar winner Julianne Moore in the tear-jerker Freeheld.

Now, with her first big-screen lead in indie-thriller Supermoto in the can, and feature TV guest roles in Lethal Weapon and Gotham rising Hollywood star Jeannine Kaspar feels like all the hard graft is finally starting to pay off.

Jeannine stars in the original Iron Man

In an exclusive video interview for The Carousel, Australian author and motivational speaker Darren Stephens – Jeannine is a big fan of his books – caught up with the New York-based actress to glean a few secrets to her success.

“Don’t be afraid of your feelings,” the gorgeous star tells Darren when he asks for an inspiring message for other women.

“It is okay to feel the way that you do. Know that you aren’t the only one that feels that way. If anything, just know that the most power that you can have comes from you. How can you have that courage to get through whatever it is that you are feeling? Whether that be fear or anxiety or what not. What will it take to give you that courage?’”

As for the one piece of advice that might help other women put their own name in lights, Jeannine says it doesn’t hurt to channel your own inner-Tony Stark, the billionaire industrialist who transforms into a crime-fighting machine in the Iron Man franchise.

“Be your own hero. It starts with you. It doesn’t matter really if the person sitting next to you or the person across from you, or your mother or father or your sister or your best friend believing you.

“It is about you believing you. It starts with you. Go forward from there and put a LOT of hard work into it because usually that is what it takes.”

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