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3 Healthy Ways To Deal With Workplace Bullies

When work feels like a drag, you feel intimidated by some workmates and your work is compromised just because of this one, two or more people you are currently working with, it seems like you are working with workplace bullies.

One of the obvious signs that you are working with one is that this person (or people) is when bullies picks out your mistakes and constantly bringing them up.

In a 2014 study, about half of Australian employees experience workplace bullying.

Being Bullied at Work

Researchers surveyed more than 1,500 workers as part of the study and literature review, which was commissioned by beyondblue.

The results of the study were released to coincide with Mental Health Week.

Georgie Harman, Chief Executive Officer of Beyondblue said that there’s a strong link between mental health and workplace bullying.

“We know that those who experience and perpetrate workplace bullying have higher rates of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder and health problems such as cardiovascular disease,” she said.

Sarah Rey, from Melbourne law firm Justitia, said there needed to be better training for staff around anti-bullying policies and procedures.

“There needs to be a move now towards giving people the skills to manage conflict and bring their complaints to the person against whom they wish to make a complaint in a safe environment and have the confidence to do that without feeling they are going to be bullied,” she said.

In 2010, the Productivity Commission found that bullying at work costs Australian organisations between $6 billion and $36 billion a year in lost productivity.

With that, here’s a healthier way to deal with workplace bullies:

1.Do not tolerate bullying by setting your limits

Exercise your right to speak upfront with bullies. Tell them about their behaviours and the impact it gives on your work. Describe the behaviour but don’t say meaningless commentary such as “you’re being mean or nasty to me”. Make them accountable for what they are doing without editorializing.

2.Confront the bully with their own behaviours

Confrontation is hard in any relationship most especially in the workplace. However, this is the best and effective approach for you to take on the bully. According to the book of Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon I Hate People, bullies are ONLY effective when they’re on their solid ground- a ground that you can take away.

Remember, when a bully is making a tantrum or whatever is that of a nuisance, call them out. Always think that you’re the adult and is mature enough to deal with a child’s’ fit. “No wise parents gives in to a child’s tantrums because it leads to more.”

You need to call out the bully on your terms.

3.Document the actions and seek help

In any given time that you are being bullied, document the date, time and the details of the bullying incident. Even if you are not the one who is being bullied, you co workers are susceptible targets of the bully too.

Raise the concern to the rightful people – your supervisor and the HR management. If you want to seek help from them, documentations of the incident helps. This gives the people to analyse and do the right thing of bringing up the issue and resolving it.

Take note that the bully does not only hurt your feelings or compromise your morale, bullies are also sabotaging business success.

These 3 simple and healthy ways on how to overcome with workplace bullies will not only benefit you but as well the concerned party (the bully). Bullies attack on other because of their shame and insecurities, thus, they do these acts. And by addressing their behaviours in the right way, they may realise that their behaviour have caused a lot not only to the business but as well to their careers.

Written by TheCarousel

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