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Buying For Baby: Author Carly Abrahams Tells Us How

Carly Abrahams

As mums themselves, Samantha Brett & Carly Abrahams know exactly how to navigate the daunting process of buying what you need without blowing the budget.

It’s with that in mind that they set out to write a baby buying to guide and support pregnant and new mums across Australia.

Buying for Baby, isn’t your typical mum-buying directory. It provides an honest account about what you need through from pregnancy to your baby’s first year as well as their own personal insights to help you along the way.

Carly Abrahams and Samantha Brett
Buying For Baby Authors Carly Abrahams and Samantha Brett

Both friends and journalists, the pair spent the past few years testing baby products, scouring every online forum, speaking to hundreds of mums and listening to what common mistakes so parents don’t make the same mistakes.

Best of all, Buying for Baby is not sponsored, but rather is an independent guide featuring products verified and chosen by mums.

Buying for Baby book
Buying for Baby book by Samantha Brett and Carly Abrhams

The book features the top baby product choices from well-known Australian mothers; Megan Gale, Zoe Marshall, Nikki Phillips, Camilla Franks and more.

What was the inspiration?

Sam: “When I gave birth to Harper, like so many other mums I know, I had been so focused on everything to do with what happens before and during the birth, but I had forgotten about what happens afterwards! I had no idea what to buy for what stage and constantly found myself with the wrong gadgets and baby gear for the wrong ages. Plus it was expensive! I asked other mums and they all spoke about how they wished they had some sort of a guide, which would show them what to buy and where to buy it for each stage of a newborn’s life. So Carly and I decided that we would survey as many mums as we could to come up with the ultimate mums guide to help mums prepare for baby’s first year, detailing all the stuff you really need (and all the stuff you don’t!)”

Samantha Brett
Samantha Brett proudly shows off her pregnant belly

What are changing needs of mums?

“There are so many new products constantly on the market, and new gadgets and ideas to help with baby’s first year. But there are some items that are absolute must-haves – that don’t involve all the bells and whistles. A good swaddle, a convertible cot, a solid pram – these are the things we feel you shouldn’t be skimping on or going on fads rather than quality and what has been tried and tested. There are also new apps popping up all the time, which mums are finding very handy when it comes to how much milk bub has had, or where bub is in their development.”

The book can be purchased as an eBook or Print book via

Written by Robyn Foyster

With over 30 years experience as a journalist and TV producer, Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites, and

Robyn was voted one of the 30 most powerful women in media at the 2015 B&T Women In Media Awards.

Previously, Robyn was the Publisher and Editor of Australia's three biggest flagship magazine brands - The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and New Idea.

Robyn won Editor of the Year at the 2007 Magazine of the Year Award and under her helm The Australian Women's Weekly won the inaugural 2008 Australian Magazine Award for Australia's best mass market magazine and New Idea won the MPA's coveted Magazine of the Year award.

She can be contacted on

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