Book Review: When The Lyrebird Calls

Book Review: When The Lyrebird Calls

Sacha Kaluri



If you are looking for an enchanting book for your child then "When the Lyrebird Calls" is the perfect pick.

Author Kim Kane magically transcends the reader on a journey making us reflect on the past and coziness of the present day. I could not help but get locked into this book. It made me feel comfort from my own childhood books.

This is a story about a curious girl named Madeleine who goes to see her eccentric grandmother for the holidays. Miraculously, Madeleine travels back in time to the 1900s, a period when children were seen but not heard and when there were very strong rules governing women and girls.

Not only does Madeleine find her voice but also she unravels some old family secrets. I found this exciting and felt like I was a child again, peeking into something I should not be looking at, yet unable to keep my mitts off. I have always loved unveiling my own family’s juicy history, so Madeleine’s experience felt like an extension of what lies under the surface of all families.


Picture Credit: Allen&Unwin


This book is beautifully created for children and teenagers and the intricate research and intellect is admirable.

I found myself so entranced by the characters in the book, I created deep thick accents in my mind and my childhood imagination came alive.

This rich, sharp, adventurous and brave book will not only give you the giggles and make you smile, it will also teach you about Australia as it was and the strong women and girls who have helped make it today.

If I had a young daughter, I wish she would read a book like “When the Lyrebird Calls”


Book Name – When the Lyrebird Calls

Author – Kim Kane

Publisher – Allen & Unwin

Category – Children Fiction for Children 10 to 14

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