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6 Interior Trends Coming Your Way For Spring And Summer

6 Interior Trends Coming Your Way For Spring And Summer1

One of the most successful brands in the UK is Gallery Home, which is now available in Australia. This carries successful labels such as Hudson Living, Parisian House, and Kilburn and Scott.

Business Development Director of Furniture James Hudson lets us in on what interior trends have been hot over the UK spring and summer this year, which we’re sure to be seeing here soon.

1. The elegant industrial look and concrete will be big

Elegant industrial has been huge in the UK. This primarily features concrete incorporated into furniture such as table tops and other accessories. We first launched our faux concrete pieces a few years ago. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and it’s into the mainstream now. In our Chilson range we have concrete framed mirrors, sideboard and dining tables. I especially love the trestle dining tables which have a faux concrete slab on a weathered oak frame. It’s fashioned in a contemporary way with a node to the classics. I actually came up with the idea to incorporate concrete into furniture three years ago. People thought I was mad, and said it’ll never work – no one is ever going to have concrete in their lounge or dining room! But look what happened. It takes people a while to get their heads around it but once they do they love it.

6 Interior Trends Coming Your Way For Spring And Summer2

2. Gold, rose gold and bronze will dazzle

Metallic influences and copper will continue to be strong. However another trend you’ll see more of is gold – particularly rose gold. People are currently buying a lot of rose gold jewellery, textiles and accent pieces in Europe. Bronze was also massive when I recently visited Milan. We’re now seeing that a lot in door handles and architectural fixtures.

3. Textures will shimmer and shine

Shimmery type fabrics such as crushed velvet have been really popular for things like cushions and throws so expect to see more of it. There’s also been a bit of vintage leather about as well.

4. The indoor/outdoor nature look will reach new heights

Now in UK, a lot of people have large open plan extensions on period houses, with bi-fold doors which open onto a garden area, which I know is a trend that is already very popular in Australia. In Britain we love any scrap of sun. As soon as the sun shines the TV ratings drop and everyone’s outdoors, even if it’s only for two days a year! So we’re now looking at ways to incorporate that indoor/outdoor feel into furniture and homewares and the ‘nature’ look has been big – woven textures, natural fibres and somewhat rustic looking pieces. In fact one of our biggest sellers has been our artificial potted plants!

6 Interior Trends Coming Your Way For Spring And Summer7

5. Natural stone will be a stunner

This is part of the nature look that’s currently hot. Pieces incorporating natural stone and minerals are of particular interest. We’re also working with a brown hued marble which is quite beautiful and is a softer look than white Carrera marble which can come across as being quite cold.

6. We’ll fall in love with chic farmhouses

The farmhouse style is always fairly popular, however we wanted to modernise it. Since we launched our new range under the Nörd banner it’s been a big hit. The Kielder range reflects a contemporary farmhouse. It’s solid oak with a bit of whiteness to the grain which gives it a vibrant, fresh appeal. The pieces are made using the planked and jointed build method which results in quite a modern design. Marlow is also a nod to updated farmhouse furniture for the modern age. It’s like rustic charm with a new twist. We’ve given the pieces a soft grey tone with a hint of white. Wycombe is more of an edgy, sleek style also made from solid oak. People really love the solid feel of wood and the honesty of the craftsmanship which looks a little traditional, yet very stylish, fresh and light.

6 Interior Trends Coming Your Way For Spring And Summer3
Interior trends: The chic farmhouse look is traditional but stylish, fresh and light.

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