Inspiring Business Leaders Reveal What Makes A Game Changer

Game Changers 4 - Define what is a Game Changer from The Carousel on Vimeo.

Sarah Harris

Studio Ten Host


They all operate in different fields, but our newest crop of Game Changers are remarkably similar in many ways.

They all innovate, pioneer, lead and embrace risk and challenges that would knock most of us mere mortals off our stride in a heartbeat.

We’re now into our fourth series of our popular video and podcast series hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, which celebrates these champions of their respective domains.

To mark this auspicious occasion, we lined up our newest inductees to ask how they would define the term Game Changer.

“It’s someone who can imagine the world being different. I think it’s also a willingness to take risks,” says Peter Scutt, the founder and co-CEO of new home care site Better Caring.

Peter Scutt Game changer and CEO of Better Caring

Brandon Evertz, the teen prodigy who turned his dad’s $500 investment into an ASX-listed company BigReviewTV says a Game Changer is an innovator above all else.Brandon Evertz innovator and Game changer at Big Review TV

“It’s someone who innovates the space and has the effect to change the world,” says the Big Review TV founder. “It doesn’t matter what the space is, they change things.”

For Silverfox founders Georgia Branch and Brigitte Warne, establishing Australia’s first talent agency for the mature-age male and female embodies why they qualify as Game Changers.

Georgia Branch and Brigitte Warne founders of Silverfox

“A Game Changer is someone who sees an opportunity and has the balls to go after it,” says Georgia.

“They are very driven, don’t take no for an answer and can be a leader for people around them.”

Adds Brigitte: “To me a Game Changer is someone who can see a hole, or a gap, and fill it with a positive change.”

Don’t forget tenacity and determination, says Andrea Wash, whose doggedness has taken her to the top of the tech world as CIO of iSentia, a leading media monitoring company.

Andrea Walsh CIO of Isentia

“It’s someone who is willing to take risks and has the confidence that when they see the opportunity they go for it,” concludes Carl Jackson, the founder of Oz Sale, Australia’s first members-only online shopping club.

Carl Jackson founder of Ozsale