5 Hot Aussie Designers To Have In Your Home

5 Hot Aussie Designers To Have In Your Home


There’s nothing hotter than Aussie homewares right now.

Many Australian-made pieces are gathering international acclaim for their innovation, beauty and high-quality finishes.

“Many people want pieces that are timeless and want to proudly show off Australian items and stay loyal to the industry so there’s a real demand,” says Zanui’s senior buyer Stina Eriksson.

We give you the lowdown below.

1. Jennifer Lia

Abstract artwork and cushions inspired by nature are the speciality of Sydney-based artist Jennifer Lia. Her materials are sourced locally and created using eco-friendly materials and methods.

“Jennifer’s artwork is amazingly beautiful,” says Stina. “She has quite vibrantly coloured pieces, but also designs many artworks in shades of blue inspired by the ocean in Manly which she lives near. Blue is a colour that will work well in most spaces, and is great if you’re a bit colour-shy as it’s not too bold, and will add warmth.

“And if you’re not sure where to start with artwork, Jennifer’s abstract pieces are an ideal choice as they will complement any interior and not overpower it.”

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2. Gillie and Marc

For 25 years, unique Sydney husband and wife team Gillie and Marc have been dazzling with their amazing twin creations – Rabbitgirl and Dogboy – two hybrid animal/human creations who reflect the journey of their creators’ own relationship.

The former Archibald Prize finalists are renowned as two of Australia’s most distinctive artists, sculptors and designers.

“The Gillie and Marc collection is very different and dynamic,” says Stina. “The Rabbitgirl and Dogboy pieces including vases and quirky art prints have such a sense of fun and are so different that I feel people will fall in love with them.

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3. St Albans

Internationally famed for their exquisitely soft throws, lap rugs, blankets and scarves made from luxurious alpaca, mohair and merino wool, St Albans is a family-owned cherished textiles brand based in Melbourne. Run by the innovative Gough family for more than three generations, this year they will celebrate 65 years of operation. Their products are all proudly designed at their premises at Huntingdale.

“These products are just so gorgeous and are amazing quality,” Stina says. “There’s a big range of colours and patterns so there’s something to complement any décor. Throws are an easy way to give a room a pop of colour, but they’re also practical as well.”

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4. The Candle Library

Based in Byron Bay, The Candle Library was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Angela Honeywell and Tom Scholley. Their range features an extensive and exquisite selection of scented candles. Each one, designed by talented artisans, is handpicked on site.

“Their Ceramic Scented Candle range has dreamy names as Sun Bleached Denim, Summer Sunset and Hearts on Fire. Plus, each one has their own heavenly, individual scent,” explains Stina. “Each candle is in a unique vessel which reflects a flowing form in nature. They are also two-toned in colour – some are soft pastels like pink whilst other are more dramatic shades like dark green.

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5. Enoki

Amazing light pendants and lamps are one of the key offerings from Enoki – an Adelaide design firm formed in 2001 by by interior/furniture designer, Susanna Bilardo, and graphic designer/illustrator, Judd Crush. “The beautiful linen fabric shades and clever frame designs in the Cumulus range are inspired by clouds and brings a dreamy, relaxed feel to any room,” says Stina. “The lights are absolutely gorgeous on their own but you can also mix different sizes and colour shades for a bigger impact.”

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