Why Hotel Furniture Matters: Style Benefits

Hotel Furniture
Daniella Menachemson

Sep 08, 2022

Every hotel you visit whilst traveling delivers a different type of experience. In the hospitality industry, it is known that first impressions are crucial. These days, the experience doesn’t start the moment the customer steps foot in the lobby, but it actually begins from their phones. With social media apps like Instagram, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google reviews, and Facebook, future patrons can get a quick glimpse of what the hotel looks like before they make their decision to book.

When a hotel invests in durable and uniquely designed pieces for its interior, it can make a magnitude of a difference. Well-designed furniture alongside great hospitality can become part of the reason why a hotel becomes iconic.

Furniture can shape a hotel’s environment and dictate what types of clientele you attract. If you want to create an opulent, luxurious five-star establishment, the type of furniture that matches that specific aesthetic is crucial, especially given that people are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a night. In this case, designers may want to go with heavier tones and customized furniture that gives rooms a more regal feeling.

Whereas, if your hotel is trying to attract a younger crowd, you might want to stick with lighter, airy tones and more playful pieces, as well as amenities designed to entertain or encourage socializing.

Here are some timeless reasons why investing in stylish furniture for hotels is a must.

The Experiential Benefits of Great Style

Ideally, a great hotel concept should inherit timeless qualities that have an alluring appeal— a home away from home.

Comfort and tastefulness are reflected directly by the design and the orientation of the furniture, and how they complement the space. With the right furniture and decor, guests can be transported to an oasis, even in the middle of a bustling city. The word ambiance originates from the Latin word ambi, meaning “to go around”. It was borrowed by the French to describe the mood of the environment. By getting creative with the colors, tones, and choice of furnishings, hotels can provoke different emotions and feelings throughout each of the rooms. For example, dark and brassier tones are usually used for the bars to instigate intimacy and depth. Whereas lobbies and conference rooms are usually flooded with lighter tones like whites, naturistic elements, and wide paintings, giving the illusory effect of more space and comfort.

Experience can be crafted through the senses. If guests enter an environment where the furniture is impeccably adapted to the space, is thematic, and made of exceptional quality, it will most likely put them at ease.

Overall, the experience is what prompts the guests to return. Also, they can justify spending more when the experience is on par or goes beyond their expectations.

Functionality by Design

Image from StyleNations

Not only is the aesthetic appeal of the furniture imperative, but awareness has to be given to the ergonomics and functionality of the furniture. Anything that the guests might use, such as chairs, desks, doors, and closets, should be comfortable and easy to navigate.

Creative design work should never compromise guests’ usability and comfort. Pay attention to specific use cases, such as the chairs used in the lobby are going to be designed for leisure, as opposed to chairs in the business rooms that are designed more for conduct.

Defining a Brand Through Stylish Furniture

The selection of your furniture alongside decor choices (paintings, accent pieces..etc) will 

give your hotel a distinguished theme and personality. A hotel’s uniqueness may well set you apart from other hotel competitors, as people will naturally gravitate towards a brand they resonate with in terms of their own personality and preferences.

For example, Fairmount Hotels are five-star hotel establishments that dawn its signature ‘modern royal’ aesthetic which preserves historical elements alongside modern strokes. The use of heavy brass, dark oak, navy blues, royal tapestries, and brocade fabrics is meant to stimulate the feeling of royalty and luxurious travel by visiting monarchs.

Increasing Value through Design

Photo from StyleNations’ Instagram Account

What separates a four-star and five-star establishment is the quality of the furniture and extensiveness of amenities.

Hotels can benefit from having their furniture customized according to the dimensions of their space, as well as to fit their precise vision. Unbeknown to most, getting furniture customized can be more affordable than ready-made furniture, because the designer can usually negotiate directly with the furniture supplier for certain designs. Not only more affordable, but customized furniture can give hotels that distinguished finish that will increase their value in the guest’s eyes. People are generally more willing to pay for an exclusive experience.

For hotels looking to customize their furniture, StyleNations is a bespoken designer furniture company that specializes in high-end hotel furniture. They are used by the likes of Sheraton, Marriot, and Hilton hotel chains.

Connecting with Local Communities and Culture through Furniture

Integrating local cultural influences into the style and decor of a hotel can become a major selling point. When people travel, they may want to connect and learn more about the worldviews and historical contexts of the cities they’re in.

Hotels can benefit from displaying local artwork, historical monuments, and designs that reflect the rich history of the city. For example, the Anatara Tozeur in Tunisia pays homage to the glory of the desert land with the interior of the building completely made of clay bricks that are made manually and dried in the sun. The decor features ornate rugs, carvings, and lamps that resemble the bonfires and camps travelers built in the desert.


Elegant and high-quality furniture is non-negotiable for any exceptional hotel brand. Not only are value and individuality reflected in the choice of furniture, but this selection goes beyond just aesthetics. Interior design can become a mode of transport for guests to go from normal, day-to-day reality, to a world beyond their wildest imaginations. If a hotel is able to craft this experience through the intentionality of their design choices and furnishings, they’re achieving a notable accomplishment amidst the saturated industry.


By Daniella Menachemson

Daniella Menachemson discovered she has a love for interior design and custom furnishings so she decided to go into business for herself. She is the founder of StyleNations which she founded in October 2019 and specializes in custom manufacturing. The company’s business model appeals to brands seeking just a few custom pieces, such as boutique hotels. They have worked with major companies such as Marriott Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Wynn, and Sheraton.



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