When High Fashion Meets Interior Design

Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Mar 03, 2019

Not a lot of people truly understand the correlation between the world of fashion and interior design. However, those who do, know that the real magic begins when these two worlds collide.  All of us put significant effort into building our wardrobes and making sure that the way we present ourselves to the world around us is more or less always on point, so it’s only logical that we should apply the same principle when decorating our homes. Here, we will explore various ways you can implement high fashion in your interior design to create a breathtaking personal haven that’s not only cozy and inviting, but the one that reflects your personal style as well. 

Lay down the proper base

When High Fashion Meets Interior Design

Unlike the fast fashion trends that come and go before we even get the chance to check them out properly, high fashion knows where it’s at. That’s why high fashion focuses first on high-quality neutral staples that set the foundation for the rest of the look. In interior design, this foundation are your walls and floors. Just like the little black dress can be dressed up and down depending on the footwear and accessories, elegant white, ivory or champagne walls can be combined with virtually any hue. When it comes to floors, classic hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for almost every room in the house, but the kitchen and the bathroom should feature high-quality floor tiles. 

The natural flow

When High Fashion Meets Interior Design

In high fashion, there simply is no room for cheap, bulky accessories and overwhelming designs. Rather, it focuses on the pieces that draw the eye with their elegant simplicity. Consider this: isn’t it way more attractive to see a girl that knows how to wear a dress right, than to see a girl completely consumed by her fashion choice? The same rule should be applied in the world of interior design. The key to true elegance lies in a clean, smooth and clutter-free design that should be implemented in every room of the house. Furthermore, your home should embrace sustainability and eco-friendliest that can be implemented in every piece – from furniture to décor pieces. 

The defining statement pieces

When High Fashion Meets Interior Design

Just like a good pair of shoes can make the outfit, a quality statement piece can define the room. For example, an oversized sofa or an elegant fireplace could work as the statement piece in the living room. In the kitchen, the role of the statement accessory falls on the kitchen island. In the bathroom, an oversized wall mirror paired with a modern freestanding bath will work as a defining décor element, while in the bedroom, this role falls onto the bed. When choosing these pieces, make sure you go with the ones that have the power to speak for themselves because, once you manage to find them, you’ll be able to elevate the pizzazz of your home in no time. 

A dash of comfort

When High Fashion Meets Interior Design

Now that the foundation has been set and the statement pieces spread throughout, it’s time to introduce some comfort and originality to your design. First, choose the colour palette for the rest of your design and top the look off with the right furniture, materials and fabrics. Now, when choosing the materials and fabrics, apply the same rule as you do when choosing your outfit for the day. Just like you would probably never pair corduroy pants with a light, silky blouse, you should refrain from doing the same in the sense of interior fabrics. For example, a lush woolen rug, beautiful mesh curtains and luxe throw pillows will all be used in vain if you pair them with a pleather sofa. Instead, get an oversized plush sofa and embellish it with a chunky throw blanket, statement throw pillows and an interesting area rug. 

As you can see, introducing high fashion principles in the world of interior décor will make for a breathtaking interior that will not only be beautiful and incredibly stylish, but that will also scream elegance, comfort and functionality. The more attention you pay to details, the more it will be worth it because remember, that’s where the devil is. So, draw some inspo from your wardrobe and your personal style and you’re bound to end up with an amazing interior. 

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By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.



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