Vivid Sydney 2018 And TAFE NSW: Where Art Merges With Technology

Vivid Sydney 2018 And TAFE NSW: Where Art Merges With Technology
LJ Charleston


Jun 16, 2018

The brilliance of art merging with technology: how Vivid Sydney & TAFE NSW students have taken AR to a new level.

It’s no secret Vivid Sydney 2018 is the most spectacular of its ten-year history – but what has made it even more unique, and given it that ‘extra buzz,’ is the brilliant use of technology merging with art.

It’s fair to say that we no longer have to rely on art as being paintings simply displayed on walls. The real excitement comes when art steps into the future, featuring augmented reality (AR) which has taken the celebration of light, music and ideas to a new level of innovation.

Technology and art has evolved into a new art medium in itself which is fascinating to witness. Presenting art through a different lens is a totally new concept which we’ll be seeing more of from now onwards.

Mixing real world art with computer generated art and sculptures, TAFE NSW students have used texture, light, colour and modern media to create a visual wonderland exploring people, places, planets and dimensions at one of the city’s most loved creative spaces: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

Agent Reality has joined forces with TAFE NSW to create the impressive Augmented Reality art exhibition at the MCA, where you’ll be able to unlock Hidden ARt at the Quayside Room, Saturday the 16th June.

The Vivid Hidden Art project is seen as the ‘jewel in the crown’ for TAFE NSW students taking part in Vivid Sydney 2018.

“You can only imagine the thrill of any upcoming new artists to have the opportunity to exhibit their works at the Museum of Contemporary Art, arguably one of the best museums in Australia,” said Paul Willey from AR Technologies.

“It’s a museum room where you go to see artwork that is not hung on walls which is completely unique. What makes it so special is the merging together of technology and culture,” said Robyn Foyster, chair of AR Technologies.

The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging and Diploma of Screen and Media students, along with their teachers, have explored other dimensions to their work and have gone in search of people, places and planets that explore the visual possibilities.

TAFE NSW Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation students have worked solidly in the last months to create an exhibition that’s both creative and beautiful.

“The exhibit is a culmination of the students practical learning, imagination, technology, light and colour, as inspired by both contemporary and classic Australian sculptors and visual artists. To see members of the public engaging and interacting with TAFE NSW students’ artwork is something the students will never forget,” said Vincent Rossini, TAFE NSW 3D Art and Animation Head Teacher.

“It’s incredible to watch the students work come to life, and amazing to watch others experience it for the first time. AR is quite unique, and in a lot of cases, is a completely new experience, which is a lot of fun to watch.”

So, what is the next challenge? Paul Willey believes the Vivid festival must now continue its trajectory to create new ways to see the world.

“Having executed the Hidden ARt concept as part of our development of the Vivid Sydney app we are proud to be part of the festival’s 10-year history as an innovator. It has allowed us, as a Sydney based immersive company (AR Technologies Pty Ltd), to showcase our cutting-edge technology,” said Paul Wiley.

Sydney’s famous Fitzroy Gardens in Kings Cross also plays host to the secret art gallery with Hidden Art – Augmented Garden. It’s as simple as using the app’s AR camera to unlock the TAFE NSW student artworks.

Event Details

Location: Quayside Room, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Time: Saturday 16th June, 09:00 – 17:00

Cost: Event is free to attend but you must register   in advance to secure your place.


By LJ Charleston


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