Unmissable Game Changers To Keep An Eye On

Exclusive Interview: Naomi Simson Shares Tips To Get Ahead In Business
Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

May 26, 2020

Here are seven Game Changers that you simply mustn’t miss out on. 

1# Nick Molnar 

Nick Molnar, Game Changers

It’s not a loan or credit agreement, there’s no interest and you still get your product on the same day? What’s the catch? With Afterpay, you pay later in instalments to encourage responsible spending. A few years back this was but a concept in the mind of Nick Molnar. Now, it’s one of Australia’s biggest success stories. 

Watch the interview and read Nick’s story here.

2# Naomi Simson 

Naomi Simson, Game Changers

Businessperson, blogger, and entrepreneur, Naomi Simson, explains to us what being the owner of RedBalloon means to her. It’s not just a consumer brand, but a way of support thousands of small businesses. But what makes her tick? It’s knowing that she’s having a positive impact on people who hear her speak, who’ve read her book or seen her on TV. “It’s the most rewarding thing for me,” Naomi says. 

Watch the interview and read Naomi’s story here.

3# Jody Allen

Jody Allen, Game Changers

Calculated master plans are boring anyways – there’s far more excitement in spontaneous success, which is exactly the case for Jody Allen who went from redundancy during her maternal leave to suburban superhero. To keep their dream home, Jody and her husband, Brendan, needed to find a way to live off $50 a week. After reaching out to the wider Facebook community, she found herself with over 10,000 followers within just two weeks. Since then she’s started the website, Stay At Home Mum, which led to a series of hit books including ‘Live Well on Less’, ‘Once a Month Cooking’, ‘The $50 Weekly Shop’ and ‘The $50 Weekly Shop: Weekday Dinners’.  

Jody Allen, Game Changers

Jody says that her secret to success was to make every dollar stretch. She adds that you don’t need to be the most intelligent person in the world, you just need to give it a go. 

“I’ve still not got a business plan; it’s just been day-to-day and see where it goes – and so far it’s been good,” Jody concluded.

Watch the interview here.  

4# Anna Lahey 

Game Changers: Sarah Harris Meets Vida Glow CEO Anna Lahey

Only in her early thirties and she’s already disrupted the Australian beauty game with ‘Vida Glow’ – her range of marine collagen powders for skin, hair and nails. After discovering the “mystery ingredient” while on a trip to Japan, she brought it back to Australia. Anna explained that the ingredient has been part of the Japanese lifestyle for over 300 years with a Japanese pharmacist claimig that it has benefits for hair, skin and nails – and possibly even life expectancy. 

With Vida Glow, Anna is not only helping people improve on the beauty front, but even with problems like joint pain. 

“Within three weeks, I had noticed a dramatic reduction in my hair loss, and within four weeks, my skin was glowing – I was blown away,” Anna said, and now she’s helping people across Australia feel and look their best with all-natural ingredients. 

Watch the interview here.

5# Terri Vinson 

Terri Vinson
Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin Founder T

Describing herself as “part science nerd, part beauty tragic,” Terri Vinson is the founder of Skin Synergie. Her journey started when she worked as an educator and formulator for a cosmetic company where she discovered how popular safe and clean skincare was becoming and thanks to her background in science, she knew exactly what she had to do. What she calls “clean science”, Synergie Skin is the cosmeceutical and mineral makeup range including calming, restorative and nourishing moisturisers, eye creams, and cleansers that provide the safest and most effective results. 

Watch the interview and read Terri’s story here.

6# Charlie Thompson and Georgia Lawson

Charlie Thompson And Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective co-founders

The Clean Collective is Australia’s strictest toxin-free shop and savviest source of zero-waste solutions. a company that started with CEO, Charlie Thompson’s earlier anxiety attacks which inspired her to make a change in her life, starting with her consumption and lifestyle habits. During this time she realised just how difficult it was to find the information and products she needed in one single place. With this in mind, she and her fellow co-founder, Georgia set out to create a completely toxin-free, non-plastic, and eco-friendly company. They’ve helped remove thousands of pieces of plastic from the ocean, offset Australia’s Christmas wrapping paper consumption through their tree-planting initiatives and continue to provide customers with eco-friendly alternatives. 

Watch the Clean Collective’s interview here.


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.



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