The Most Inspiring Olympics Video You’ll Ever See!

James Graham


Jul 25, 2016

But there is one triumph-over-adversity story that we think deserves celebrating more than most: the one of South Sudan’s brave 400m runner Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan.

Just for Margret to make it to the start line is an incredible feat in itself.

Margret, 19, often had to train without being able to eat breakfast because of the deadly civil war in her country that began in December 2013.

Some days, all she had to power her to Rio qualification was a single banana.

You can see what her selection means to this impoverished nation in this stirring new video for Samsung called The Chant.

The inspiring clip aims to capture the brand’s defying the odds attitude while promoting the Samsung Gear IconX cord-free earbuds.

It opens on her in the locker room where she puts in Samsung Gear IconX cord-free earbuds paired with a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

The Most Inspiring Olympics Video You’ll Ever See!2
The Most Inspiring Olympics Video You’ll Ever See!

As she walks from the locker room to the stadium, viewers are transported to a village in South Sudan where the entire nation is chanting her name to cheer her on and celebrate her journey.

The chant becomes more and more insistent and joyful as she approaches the stadium, and the ad ends with the message, “Proud sponsor of those who defy barriers.”

The Most Inspiring Olympics Video You’ll Ever See!3
Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan

“These actors on set were incredible,” Gordy Sang, a creative director for Makers Leo Burnett Chicago, told Adweek.

“It’s something you would never see in the States, just the emotion and the power and excitement that they have behind these Olympics is so strong, we just hope it’s well received not just globally but amongst them.

“The hope is that it brings good and it’s not just exploiting a story but glorifying them.”

The video makers says the idea also fits nicely with the product itself, the wireless earbuds that give consumers the freedom to listen to their music how they want, when they want, without the constraints of wires or smartphones.

Earlier this year, Samsung released a short documentary film, “A Fighting Chance,” sharing the untold stories of courage, hope and persistence that four Olympic Games hopefuls embrace while defying barriers to achieve their dreams of earning an Olympic medal and helping their countries make history.

“The Chant” is the next chapter that continues to showcase Samsung’s celebration for those who push the definition of what is possible and upholds the brand’s unique vision that perseverance through the extraordinary leads to meaningful progress.

The Most Inspiring Olympics Video You’ll Ever See!7

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