The Latest 2017 Technology Trends Women Are Loving

Tecnology trends women loves
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Jan 09, 2017

Technology is so diverse and extensive and is constantly evolving. From wearable technology to innovative apps, it’s hard to keep up.

With so much new information and technology coming out all the time, it’s hard to know what works and doesn’t work and what is changing the game. Here are some of the latest technology trends that women currently love:

Fitbit Charge HR

This year, wearable technology has continued to gain more attention, from a huge multitude of smart watches to the rise of the fitness tracker, particularly the Fitbit Charge HR. Whilst the Fitbit Charge HR does not look fancy or expensive, it is nondescript and subtle enough to match almost anything you wear. This fitness tracker keeps track of your pulse 24/7. This gadget enables you to monitor calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, track your workouts and all-day activity, and monitor your sleep. The data collected by the Fitbit Charge HR also enables you to view your progress and analyse your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Apple Watch Hermès

Many fashionistas have jumped on the wearable tech trend by showing off their exquisite Hermès Apple Watch. The Hermes editions of the Apple Watch offers very different looks to the regular versions sold by Apple; the three Hermes models available are the Single Tour, the Double Tour and The Cuff. The Single Tour and Double Tour are very similar, both being made from leather with a stainless steel buckle branded with the Hermès logo. The only difference between the two is the length – the Double Tour is twice as long as the Single Tour, and is designed to wrap around the wrist twice. The Cuff is the most expensive of the three, inspired by equestrian fixtures, and is available in a fauve-coloured calf leather band.

Tecnology trends women loves 


Expressing and writing down your deepest thoughts and fears can be a scary idea for some. Realifex is an app which acts as a personal, private journal and gives the user insight into their own behavioural and emotional patterns. Realifex stands for Real Life Experience and allows users to record their own life experience as they occur and with each event the user can record the impact of each experience and how it made them feel. The app encourages daily introspection and allows users to be more mindful of their own life and direction.




Raising children in the digital age comes with many unique challenges. Technology is a great way to keep in touch with children, but providing them with smart phones comes with the risk of kids growing up too fast. Moochies is a mobile-watch for kids aged 3-12 that lets kids call their parents at any time by pre-setting two phone numbers to the watch. Parents can also call the kids by approving numbers that the watch can receive phone calls from using their connecting app. Moochies is the perfect compromise for parents who are resisting giving their child their first mobile but still want to keep in touch.


With the growth of entrepreneurial businesses and technology users that are more serious about their online presence, more people have been investing in domain names. A domain name allows you to be more creative and personal, tends to follow business and technology trends and can come at a cheap price. is Australia’s number one domain name trading platform and is a great website for buying and selling domain names.

Villoid with Alexa Chung


Designing and experimenting with fashion has never been easier with the new style app Villoid. Co-founded by global style guru Alexa Chung, Villoid is described as “your very own dressing up box”, and users can experiment with fashion, and draw inspiration from following style boards, friends and fashionistas. The app is also somewhat inspired from a scene in Clueless, where a computer puts an outfit together for Cher Horowitz, using items from her wardrobe. Whilst Villoid is free, the clothes viewed do come with a buy button, and some featured brands such as Acne, Chloé and Marc Jacobs mean that a lot of money may be spent on the app!

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