The Surprising Benefits from Burning Candles

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Aug 13, 2021

Sarah Clifford Owen, Candle Maker and Founder of The Worthington Collection  writes about the surprising Benefits from Burning Candles.

Picture yourself in the glowing ambiance of candlelight cozied up with a cup of tea and a paperback novel. Maybe there is rain lightly tapping on a nearby window or a crackling fire to pair with the scent wafting from your candle. Did I set the scene for you? 

Candles have been around for hundreds of years (since as long as 1475), and they’ve become the thing we turn to for comfort. They are a great supplement to any home, providing scent and soothing touch during a weekly self-care session. But did you know they also come with some added health benefits? Keep on reading for five health benefits from candles and why you should start flicking a match now. 

  • Provides a Soothing Effect 

Part of healthy living is self-care and taking care of your body and mind—lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce a state of relaxation. A candle’s flame helps to soothe our soul—reducing stress and increasing self-awareness. The soft illumination allows us to calm down and even achieve a meditative state. This effect is long known to civilization, accounting for the near-universal use of candles in spiritual matters.  

  • Increased Focus 

Try burning a candle during your workday. Candles actually help increase focus and productivity. There are certain scents that can help stimulate your mind and improve productivity. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of aromatherapy since scents are what help boost your level of focus. The aromas that can help your focus include cinnamon, mint, orange, lemon, and rosemary. 

  • Cleaner Air

Candles made with essential oils are also able to clean the air. Some candles have strong air purification properties. Essential oils were inside the plant to help protect it from mold and outside elements, so it has powerful properties to cleanse your air. In addition, some candles are designed to remove odors from any room using a natural, molecular odor neutralizer, like those from The Worthington Collection

  • Memories

Memories and emotions can be prompted by scents and provide a feeling of happiness. According to Psychology Today, behavioral studies indicate that smells are more likely to trigger vivid emotional memories and can instantly lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

  • No Blue Light – An analog way to digital detox

Candles can combat the use of electronics right before bed that disrupt sleep and provide long-term adverse health effects. The blue light emitted from screens decreases your magnesium levels, making you feel less tired and more anxious. By turning the phone off earlier and enjoying your evening by candlelight, you can feel calmer at an earlier time and allow your body to reset to natural circadian rhythms. 

 All in all, the benefits from candles are clear. Candles both stimulate our senses in subtle ways or enhance our environments in a simple yet profound way. Humans have an innate connection with fire going back centuries, and candles stand as a symbol of our ability to harness the powers of nature in a basic way. We as a species have evolved to cultivate wildfire and harness it into a simple flame that represents the passion behind the human condition. We are the people that are descended from the first fire makers, so it makes perfect sense that the aesthetic authenticity of the candle would have a positive effect on our moods and can be used in these five ways to wash away the worries of the day.


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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