Busting Lockdown Boredom With Four Fab Kid’s Books!

busting lockdown boredom
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Dec 13, 2021

Busting lockdown boredom isn’t always easy, especially for little ones who love to run and play outside. Thanks goodness then, for a new slew of kid’s books that will stimulate their imagination, inspire creative minds and open up their hearts.

Here are four of our favourite new releases.

Where the Heart Is by Irma Gold and Susannah Crispe

busting lockdown boredom
This heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty is inspired by a true story!

Dindim the young penguin finds himself washed up on a Brazilian beach, coved in oil and so sick he couldn’t even open his eyes A kind man call Joao rescues him and nurses him back to health. Their friendship flourishes and the unlikely bond sees Dindim swim thousands of miles each year to reunite with his best human friend,


Inspired by a true story. This is a heartfelt celebration of friendship, the magnificence of nature and what it feels like to find your home.


The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp by Paul Russel and Nicky Johnston

Lockdown boredom busters
Bowen Bartholomew Crisp doesn’t think like everyone else. One day he realises that this is exactly what makes him so special!

Why aren’t red pandas called orange pandas? Could a tortoise really beat a hare? Are fireflies hot?

These are just a few of the questions that float through the curious mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp every day. His unique way of looking at the world means he has trouble fitting in. It is only when he realises that his ability to think differently is actually his greatest strength that he finally fins his place in the world. This inspiring story of embracing diversity and exploring our full potential will capture your child’s heart and teach them that anything is possible.


Growing Pains by Alison McLennan and Melissa Johns

Lockdown Boredom Busters
A story of compassion, friendship and generosity.

Finn’s family plants a tree in their backyard and he immediately feels responsible for it. He worries the little sapling might be cold, hungry or lonely.

He tries to share his breakfast with it, offers it his scarf, and keeps it company. Then one night, just after going to bed, his nightlight goes out. Finn is plunged into darkness and becomes rather frightened. But when he sees his tree standing tall and brave in the moonlight, it inspires him to be brave as well. This touching story about curiosity, empathy, care of the environment, and overcoming fears will captivate the entire family.


This is NOT a Book by Kellie Nyrnes and Aśka


Books to Bust Lockdown Boredom
An exciting tale where our main character is convinced he is not in a book, but is in real life. This delightful tome will inspire all budding storytellers!

In this fun-filled picture book, our main character is convinced that he is not in a book. After all, in books, there are pages to turn, main characters to love, interesting settings and problems to solve. There’s none of that for this main character! He’s a real person, after all. Wait … what? Why is our lead character being chased by a lion? Why are pirates stealing treasure? And are those mermaids playing in a rock band? This is NOT a Book! is the perfect way to spark your child’s imagination and teach them the fundamentals of storytelling.


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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