Meet Kobe, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Australia’s Furriest Philanthropist And Author

Kobe the Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 01, 2021

Is Kobe the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Australia’s cutest, fluffiest and most huggable four-legged philanthropist and author?

Yes … yes he is!

As a 51-kg Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Kobe, who is six years old, does his fair share of helping others. Like all double coated breeds, Kobe sheds all year round, but twice a year he “blows his coat”. This is an occurrence common to double coated dogs like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and yes, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be “owned” by these special breeds, know all too well how the fur can accumulate (and we wouldn’t have it any other way). It literally comes out in bunches, but luckily stays bunched together, so is easy to collect. It’s strongly recommended that double coated dogs are never shorn or clipped, as it disrupts their natural temperature control for both heat and cooling. Instead, there are special grooming tools that can ‘de-shed’ the under coat, such as The Furminator.


From Fur To Fashion

Kobe’s clever thinking owner, Muriel Wang, from The Blue Mountains in Sydney, saw an opportunity to help others with the excessive amount of fur that Kobe the Pyrenean Mountain Dog shed each year.

“As a 51-kg Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Kobe has plenty of spare hair,” she laughs. “So I built a business recycling his own fur into yarn to make clothes for other dogs.


Kotes by Kobe was the first – and possibly only – company to repurpose discarded dog fur, including his own and that donated by other generous dogs, into a range of luxury canine clothing and accessories. 

“We create puffer jackets for dogs as well as jackets for their owners owners that match, using Kobe’s fur as lining. We also have fur donated to us from grooming salons, which is a lovely act of kindness. We make scarves and “kardigans” using Kobe’s own fur, too” explains Muriel.


Unsurprisingly, the stylish apparel for pups and humans alike is hugely popular, with folk buying online from all over the country and the world!


The Pyrenean Mountain Dog “Pawthor”!

However, that wasn’t enough for Kobe the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and his equally huge hearted owner. They not only wanted to help keep other doggies and humans warm, they wanted to help people travel with their pups and showcase areas in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of NSW where they too can take scenic, mesmerising hikes through the wilderness,

“Having fulfilled his dream to keep other dogs warm by giving the coat off his own back, Kobe now has his sights set on showcasing his beloved Blue Mountains home as a travel destination for dogs,” says Muriel. “It’s well known that national parks are off limits for dogs, but far fewer know about the bush tracks and waterfalls and cliff faces located on local council land. 

“To correct this misperception, the literary canine recently published Hiking Mount Kobe: A Dog’s Guide to the Blue Mountains, a compilation of 45 dog-friendly sights and trails spanning from the base of the Blue Mountains all the way to its western edge.”

Kobe The Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Kobe The Pyrenean Mountain Dog has “Pawthored” a travel guide for humans and dogs in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

The book is also Kobe and Muriel’s way of contributing to the recovery and rebuilding of a community devastated by the 2019/2020 bushfires; for every copy sold, $5 is donated to the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre, who provide important support and services for the Upper Mountains communities most affected by the bushfires.

Supporting Kobe’s various ventures keeps his human mum Muriel busy, but she believes it’s important to let his compassionate side flourish. 

“All of us have the capacity to do good for others, more than we think possible,” Muriel says. “We started Kotes by Kobe because Kobe wanted to use his excess hair to help dogs who don’t have enough of their own. Now he’s taken his love of exploring and turned it into a way to help both his fellow canines as well as our broader Blue Mountains community. We humans can learn a lot from the altruism of dogs!” 



By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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