If Dogs Could Talk…

If Dogs Could Talk
Franki Hobson


Nov 09, 2022

What would these dogs say if they could talk?

To celebrate the release of author Jack Bradley’s new book, Dogs In The Air, we’ve selected a few of our favourite four-legged friends and ask the question: What would these dogs say if they could talk?

So if you’re going barking mad at the office, take a few seconds out to add a ripping good quote for our pooch brigade. Write your comments below, and share with friends for their suggestions to see who’s got puppy power…

Doggy exhibit a) 

  • “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river low enough, to keep me from getting my bone, yeah!”
  • “Faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap mountains, they call me, Super Puppy!”
  • “Cat schmat. I’m freeee as a bird!”

If dogs could talk...

Doggy exhibit b)

  • “Look out for the brown logs!”
  • “I’ll sniff you out wherever you are!”
  • “They call me Fryer Tuck of Sherwood Forest.”


Doggy exhibit c)

  • “Oh no, I dropped my selfie stick.”
  • “Who needs kids when you can have me?!”
  • “And now, for my next party trick…”

Dogs In The Air, $29.99, by Jack Bradley, is on sale now.



By Franki Hobson


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