How To Keep Your Dog Clean Between Baths

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Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Dec 16, 2023

Dogs and Puppies. We all know how they can get a bit whiffy in between baths, especially in winter when we wash them less frequently. Thank ‘Dog’ then, for these fabulous doggie products, which help keep your pooch smelling fresh and delicious – not just in between washes, but throughout the year, too!

Nude Pets Lavender & Peppermint Doggie Perfume Dry Shampoo

Nude Pets Lavender & Peppermint Doggie Dry Shampoo
Nude Pets Lavender & Peppermint Doggie Perfume Dry Shampoo

This all-natural elixir is the perfect balance of safe-to-use-on-your-pooch Lavender and Peppermint essential oils that provides gentle refresh for your dog between grooming sessions. Your fur kid’s coat will be left shiny, soft and tangle-free. Lavender calms and soothes irritated skin. It also has anti-microbial properties to help ward off infection, so it’s great if your pup suffers hot spots.

Peppermint oil is cooling and helps repel insects, while fractionated coconut oil helps to hydrates dry skin and improves the shine and softness of your dog’s coat. This formula is all-natural, Australian-made in small batch quantities,, Palm-oil free, vegan, cruelty-free and the packaging is completely recyclable.

Simply spray lightly and brush through your dog’s coat! You can also spray it through your pup’s bed for a peaceful slumber. I use it a few times a weekl on my three fur kids and they smell divine!

The Furminator 

This ingenious combination of a comb/brush was originally designed for double coated dogs, like Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Maremmas. Anyone who is lucky enough to be owned by one of these breeds will know that they shedd a lot. The joke is that they shed twice a year – for six months each time. On top of that though, they do this magic trick called “blowing their coat” where massive big clumps of their undercoat fur fall out land all over your living room/car/bedroom/back yard.

The Furminator features a comb that pulls the undercoat out, without causing pain, when they are in blowing season. It features a super handy ‘release’ button, so when the special comb is stacked with fur, you simply press the button and it releases it. I like to use mine in my front garden, as the magpies and other birds then take the fur and build nests from it.

The top comb works to keep the upper coat tangle free and shiny. The Furminator is also available in unique designs for all different breeds of dog and can help keep hair fall around the house to a minimum, as well as keep it off your clothes.

Dog By Dr Lisa Gentle Wipes

These are especially fab if your dog loves mud and puddles, which is pretty much every dog that ever existed. Simply keep a stash in the car or at the front door and use them to wipe down muddy paws and under bellies after walkies. You can also use them to safely clean eye boogers without irritating your pup’s little eyes (those who know, know!).

They’re plant-based, vegan-friendly, made in New Zealand, 100% compostable and not tested on animals. Oh, they’re fantastic for keeping your Pup’s ears clean too, but remember, if at any time your dog gets super stinky ears, it can signify an infection, so be sure to visit the vet.

The Oil Garden Dog Safe Essential Oils Kit 

The Oil Garden Pooch Pamper Pack Contains Dog-Safe Essential Oils To Help Keep Fido Smelling Fresh Between Baths.

Essential oils in the home are uplifting, relaxing and calming. However, pet owners must take extra care with as some oils can be toxic to pets. Oil Garden takes the guesswork out of finding the right essential oils for pets, with the Pooch Pamper Pack. Simply add two drops each Lavender or Geranium to 1tsp of white vinegar and add to 100mL water spritzer bottle. Shake well before each use. You can also spray the underside of your dog’s bedding to freshen.

Doggone Smart DGs Dirty Doormat

This mat is a fabulous when it comes to cleaning wet, muddy paws before your pooch steps inside after playtime. It work like a chamois cloth, soaking up to seven times its weight in mud and water!

It’s available in several colours and sizes, so you can choose your style and size, depending on your home’s decor and your dog’s breed. It also has a rubber backing to prevent ]\

t slipping around. And, when it’s at capacity, simply pop it in the washing machine and re-use once it’s dry.

Extra Tips for Keeping Your Fur Kid Safe and Smelling Sweet

1. Watch What They Eat

Watching even five minutes of the Netflix Documentary Pet Fooled empowers you with enough smarts to know that your dog needs to be eating the best food you can afford. There’s a famous  saying – “feed your pet, not your vet”. The better your dog eats, the cheaper your vet bills will be.

All that aside, a high quality, premium dog food routine is also sure-fire way to keep your dog smelling sweet.

Brands to buy? This is always a bone of contention (pardon the pun!). Some dog owners prefer a raw food diet, others prefer kibble, whilst others will cook up a storm for their dogs at home (just speak to your vet about the right nutrients to include if cooking for your dogs yourself).

Some people even raise their dogs as vegans, which is another controversial issue that we will delve into another time (yes, it can be done if you want to be a personal chef to your dog, ensuring they get all the nutrients required. No, most vets and animal nutritionists advise against it).

But I digress … I’ve always been a fan of feeding my dogs a variety of different foods, from raw meats bought at our local free-range butcher, to kibble as advised by our vet, to air-dried dog food and of course, their fair share of free range, preservative-free treats that have no added sugar, salt, fat and flavours. All of these healthy and nutritious options will help ensure your dog stays fresh smelling in between baths.

1. It’s all a bit of trial and error, but after a while, you will work out what foods agree with your dog and which ones make him stink, or upset his tummy. Just ensure for dental care he gets plenty of fresh meaty bones from the butcher (nobody likes dog’s breath) and for overall health and wellbeing, have a good long discussion with your vet.

2. Never use human products like shampoo, conditioner or fragrance on your pet. They may contain ingredients that cause irritation to your dog’s sensitive skin and eyes.

3. Brush your dog as much as possible – at least once a week. it helps to get rid of dirt, as well as distribute naturally occurring oils throughout their coat, thereby boosting shine.

4. Wash their bedding weekly. Just as you would wash your own bedding on the regular, so too you should your pooches’. it helps keep them clean, keep fleas at bay and keep your dog – and your home – smelling clean and fresh!

5. Avoid using powder based products to keep your dog’s coat clean. It can get up their nose and in their eyes and affect their respiratory system as well as their vision.


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Shonagh Walker is a multi-award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, fashion, travel, pets and animals. Her career spans over 30 years, and she can't recall a day during that time, where she hasn't been excited to get to work!



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