Artisanal And Handmade Health And Beauty Treats For Dogs

Aussie Brand PAWDinkum Takes On The International Stage
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Oct 10, 2018

Do you want the best for your fur babies? The best food, the best accessories, the best care? Of course you do, who doesn’t want that for their pooches! In which case, you might want to check out Fiona Rigg’s brand PAWDinkum and her bespoke artisanal and handmade treats for dogs.

Four years ago, Fiona launched a healthy oat biscuit treat range using organic human grade ingredients for dogs, when she couldn’t find anything suitable in that sector.

I first thought all this baking was menopausal barking madness, then I started receiving requests from family, friends, and neighbours and things grew quickly from there,” she said.

“That’s how WOOF FRESH treats were developed.  I then saw an opportunity to create healthy holistic treats packed full of superfoods that would combat common canine problems. Why should humans get all the good stuff!”

She recently also launched a beauty spa range for dogs. PAWDinkum’s popularity is soaring in Australia as well as overseas in Japan and Singapore.

Her quirky, healing, and authentic range of treats deal with a number of typically canine problems – such as stinky breath, lacklustre coats, and sore joints.

Fiona has also launched an extension to her range with a botanical Beauty Spa range which includes Pawsturizer – a soothing paw balm, Woof Freshjowl wash, and Woof Fresh Spray – an aromatherapy mist along with Doggy Paddle Bath Salts.


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