Three Fast Personalised Fathers Day Ideas

Franki Hobson


Sep 03, 2021

Even the toughest of Dads’ hearts will melt with these personalised gift ideas. Pick your favourite photo of Dad, or a collection, then get to Kmart’s Photo Centre and whip up personalised pressie with a super speedy turnaround. Here’s our picks of photo art to showcase the hero in your life… 

the-carousel-photo-album-diy-gift1Wall Art Starring DAD!

He is the ultimate Poster Boy, so propel your Dad to new heights and create a poster or canvas wall art starring him to display in his man cave – marking a footy, playing golf, fishing. Too twee? Downsize the concept with a Photo block, novelty or classic frame, or digital frame for his bedside or desk.

A Year Of Family Fun

OK you might be pushing this one in terms of last minute pressie ideas, but if you can get together a collection of photos starring Dad or the family, turn them into a customised photo calendar. Make sure you include some funny photos!


Dad’s Story: The Collector’s Edition

This one’s guaranteed to gain you golden child status: Photo books are an incredible way to document key life events and milestones, and many people will have these on hand thanks to milestone birthdays (40th, 50th, 60th) where images have already been collected. So plug the USB in and create a riveting read. Choose a selection of photos of your dad as a child, with his brothers and sisters, parents, celebrations, with your mum, at his wedding and of course with all of his lovely offspring (that includes you!). You can add simple captions to each image, documenting dates, or go wild and write the story behind each photo for a beautiful tribute and memory trip down nostalgia lane…

Check out Kmart’s Photo Centre ideas here for more ideas.


By Franki Hobson


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