Safe As Houses: 5 Baby Hazards To Avoid

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Franki Hobson


Apr 07, 2020

Any mum will tell you, toddlers love to explore… making music with saucepans from the kitchen cupboards, analysing the leftovers from the dog’s bowl, helping clean the toilet… eeek!

But there are a few handy tips and tricks to keep baby out of harm’s way when ‘everywhere mummy’ just can’t be everywhere. Here’s a few…

Baby hazards: Make toilet bowl’s a no-go zone.

Sure, it’s handy to have your wee one interested in the smallest room in the house when they’re toilet training, but they aren’t quite ready for brushing the bowl just yet. First step, keep the door closed. Of course if you have other children in the house, this can be a challenge in itself. Plan B? Put a bolt on the lid, so to speak, with a toilet lock to prevent children from opening toilets. This handy device can also be used for appliances, cupboards and cabinets.


Dreambaby Toilet Lock, $6.95 www.dreambaby.com.au

Keep dogs out, and babies in.

Pooch may be feeling a little left out since bub’s arrival so while you’re training him the new house rules, keep Buster at bay and create a safe room that he can’t access. Gates are a great way to cordon off areas, as well as providing a barricade at stair entry and exit points. Remember, you should never leave bub unattended with pets in the room.

This clever ‘Liberty Tall Gate’ is high enough to help safe guard the very young right through to older toddlers as well as beloved pets. It’s conveniently pressure-mounted, so those who aren’t so handy with a hammer and nail can install it simply, as there is no drilling required. It also has a handy ‘stay-open’ feature, so you won’t get locked out while carrying baby and five grocery bags. Phew!


Dreambaby The Liberty Tall Gate, $94.95, is 93cm (36.6″)

Run the bath not too hot, and not too cold…

You’re Granny may have ‘tested the water’ using the inside of her wrist, but with sleep deprivation and learning the whole new language of ‘baby’, it’s understandable that many new mum’s doubt their own temperature analysis. Remove the stress and second guessing and invest in the modern version of the rubber ducky – a Duck Bath & Room Thermometer, which will kindly monitor the temperature of both the baby’s room and bath, which should be pleasant 36-38 degrees. This clever little ducky will also recheck the temperature every 10 seconds and automatically switches off after 30 seconds to save energy. Oh, and it is way cute floating around the bath. Quack!

Safe As Houses: 5 Baby Hazards To Avoid

Dreambaby Duck Bath & Room Thermometer $17.95 www.dreambaby.com.au

Lock chemicals and dangerous hazards away

Between the floor cleaner, mould stripper and laundry powder, you’ll probably find your house is a home to many, many chemicals. Don’t panic. Just spring clean the hazardous pack and bolt them all up in one safe location with an easy-to-use cupboard magnetic lock. There is no way even the cleverest tot can crack this code! The Mag Lock Magnetic Locking System is the ultimate child safety product, which is hidden inside cupboards and drawers, and the locks can only be released with the use of the powerful Magnetic Key.


Dreambaby Mag Lock Set $69.95, www.dreambaby.com.au

Pull up your drawers (and push down the latches)! 

Your finest silver cutlery might be brilliant at your dinner party, but’s it’s no fun in the hands of your little one. Push Down Catches and latches are ideal for preventing child access to drawers and cabinets where hidden dangers may lurk. Perfect for medicine and alcohol cabinets, kitchen and desk drawers as well as the laundry, bathroom or garage.

draw-lock, Safe As Houses: 5 Baby Hazards To Avoid
Safe As Houses: 5 Baby Hazards To Avoid

Dreambaby Push Down Latches, $5.45 www.dreambaby.com.au


By Franki Hobson


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