Rebecca Judd On Parenting Secrets & Her Favourite Online Reading Aid

Rebecca Judd helms reading program
James Graham


Feb 03, 2017

The gorgeous down-to-earth 34-year-old is the new ambassador of ABC Reading Eggs, an educational online reading program for kids aged three to 13, and also holds down two media jobs – one as host of Melbourne’s Postcards, and another as a radio presenter on the KISS FM Network’s 3PM Pick-Up.

She also oversees her blog Rebecca Judd Loves, designs for Adairs and consults to her businesses Beauty EDU and Jaggad.

Oh, and did we mention she has four kids under the age of six, including four-month-old twins?

Whew! We caught up with Bec to ask how on earth she does it all, her latest venture, and how life with hubby Chris, kids Oscar, 5, Billie, 3, and newborns Tom and Darcy is going.

With so many career things on the go and four little kids are things a little crazy at home?

Well I like to call it organised craziness! I’m definitely a “routine mum” which I think really helps to  keep the house in order. We know when the twins generally wake up or go to sleep. My mum has also moved over from Perth to live with us here at our Melbourne home for 12 months. It’s just been the best having my mum around. She’s Nanna but also nanny when I need her which really helps me with all my commitments.

Is Chris a hands-on dad?

He’s very hands on! He’ll wake up with me in the morning and feed one baby whilst I feed the other. It’s actually a really nice time that we get to spend with each other feeding our babies. He also changes nappies, does the school run, makes me coffee in the morning and also makes dinner each night as he’s the cook in the house. Yep he’s perfect!

We know that as a former speech pathologist, your partnership with ABC Reading Eggs must be close to your heart. How is the program beneficial for developing reading and language skills?

As a “speechy” I think it gives kids a really good head start in reading and can aid in developing communication skills as the flow-on effects to the brain’s processing system are really positive – it’s good for sequencing and retaining information. It has an emphasis on phonics which we know is the best way to learn to read. Plus it’s already used by more than three million kids around the world so the proof’s in the pudding.

How has your son Oscar been going with the program?

He loves it and is already up to level 70. He’s actually reading sentences which is great considering he only just started school last week! Although I’ve been hammering phonics into him from a very early age so he’s also had a good head start from me!

ABC Reading Eggs. At home with Bec & Oscar Judd (30 sec) from Motel Picture Company on Vimeo.

So how early did you start reading to your kids?

I started reading to all my kids when they were babies. The twins are only four months old, but I’m already reading to them. Given my experience I know how important it is being able to read at a young age. if they fall behind in class they lose their confidence and get teased by their peers and they fall behind. We know how important education is for setting up your future and being able to read is an integral part of that.

Do you and Chris have a reading routine with the kids? What books do they enjoy?

With the twins, I’ll sit down on the mat with them during the day and read to them when I have a few minutes here and there. With the older ones we read to them every night. As Oscar’s books are a bit more advanced, Billie can get a bit bored with them, so usually Chris and I will take one child each and read separately to them. Billie loves Noni the Pony and Oscar’s favourite is The Snail and the Whale.

What were your favourite books as a child and were you a bookworm?

Oh yeah! I’ve always been a big reader and would get books as presents. I loved all the Enid Blyton books as well as Paul Jennings’ Unreal series. Even now I’m always in the midst of reading a book. I’m currently reading The Course of Love by philosopher Alain de Botton.

Rebecca and Oscar love reading together

We’re looking forward to hearing you on the airwaves on the 3PM Pick-Up what can we expect?

I do the Monday show with Katie “Monty” Diamond and I’m loving it. We have great conversations on air – everything from what Donald Trump is doing to caesarean birth to changing your surname when you get married. I forget its live – it’s just like having a great chat and a lot of fun.

We need a lie down just hearing about all your work projects – how do you manage it?

It seems like I’ve got a lot going on, but the radio show is only one afternoon, Postcards is one day a week and all the other stuff I just do little bits and pieces for. It’s still busy, I won’t lie, however I’ve never been one to take a full year off with each baby. I was ready to go back to work part time when Oscar and Billie were each six weeks old.

What’s the most stressful thing for you?

Definitely if I’m away or out of the home for too many days in a row. I feel very unsettled. I’m a bit of a home body so if I take on too much work that unsettles me so I need time at home with the family to anchor me again. That’s when I need a reset as it’s about getting that balance right between family, career, and socialising.

So how do you manage stress – do you do things like yoga and meditation?

No, I don’t have time to do any of those things! I just like relaxing at home and pottering I’m a bit of a potterer so that grounds me. Also whenever I’m having a bad day I tell myself that it’s not going to last forever. I know the feeling will pass and it will be okay.

  • For a free four-week trial of the ABC reading program, click here.


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