Quick Tips For Limiting Your Kids’ Screen Time By Libby Trickett

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Oct 22, 2019

Screen time can be a really useful tool that helps at different stages with our children. Whether it’s helpful when you have a newborn and you just need the toddler to sit still for a moment while you’re feeding, or you need to do a couple of chores around the house quickly and efficiently. I do find however, that if my three-year-old has too much time in front of the television, she becomes a massive jerk so I definitely try to limit it as best as I can.

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Tip #1

I think having LOTS of options of activities to do that are super easy to set up is a big must for us. 

Tip #2

I’ll be honest that I’m not the most creative parent so arts and crafts are a big stretch for me, but I’ve found Poppy enjoys puzzles and other ‘sensory activities’ and fun games that I have found online via shops by other more creative mums on Instagram – these have been a lifesaver and I feel like the girls are getting better stimulation than that of a screen.

Tip #3

If you have the time (and patience!), involving the kids in the chores you’re doing is another important life skill for them as well though this isn’t always possible

Tip #4

I think always the most important thing is to lead by example. If our kids see us getting out and having a go, then they’ll be more likely to get out and be active as well.

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