Must-see Kids’ Flick: The LEGO Movie (It’s Totes Amazeballs!)

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Franki Hobson


Apr 29, 2020

If you want to earn serious brownie points with your kids (or nieces and nephews) and have a nostalgic trip through memory lane, get along to see The LEGO Movie.

Follow Emmet, an old school LEGO plastic construction worker happy with his mundane existence and living in a world of conformity, who is suddenly transformed into the ‘special one’ after innocently stumbling across the ‘piece de resistance’ – the key to saving The LEGO Universe from the destructive plans of the evil dictator President Business. But Emmet and his love interest (and the film’s heroine), Wyldstyle, as well as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and a stellar posse of other unlikely heroes, have their mission cut out for them fighting this force of evil.


lego movie

Brick by brick the superheroes travel through a series of LEGO worlds from Bricksburgh and the Wild West to Middle Zealand and beyond on what seems like a lost cause – but is it? Could Emmet, a simpleton LEGO worker find the power within his seven LEGO body pieces, and use his imagination and ideas (hey, you can achieve almost anything with a few million LEGO bricks at your disposal) to save LEGO (man)kind?

lego movie


Kids will be transported into a magical world of LEGO, with figures looking and moving like real figurines but totes better. And adults will be taken back down memory lane, reminiscing about their own imaginary LEGO worlds as children and who knows, this flick could even spark that inner child within again. This is an incredible film created by Sydney animation house Animal Logic, and Hollywood directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) that brings the iconic Danish toy brand LEGO to life in an entertaining, gripping and extraordinary cinematic experience. It’s without a doubt the kid’s flick of the year, so make sure you see it.



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